Some Interest in Animal Totems

The previous post mentioned animal totems and this has piqued some interest in this topic. It may be accurate to call them animal guides as well. We all have these guides and their identity reflects something intimate about you.

It may their qualities are similar to those qualities that you already have or perhaps some that you may need. The animal, fish or bird may also have a cultural significance, something familiar from childhood or a representation of something that brings you comfort. You may choose a male or female of the species, or both. You may also choose the age of your guide depending upon your comfort level or what resonates with you.

If you desire safety, an older, more mature guide would likely make more sense. You may choose a grizzly bear as a fierce protector, a deer for being light-footed, a lion for being a leader of family or other group, an eagle for sharp focus… Try something out and see how well it works. Or, try a few at a time for their different qualities and make changes to the ensemble as needed.

Any guide is an option. They don’t have to be real. A phoenix would do well. Perhaps a dinosaur. Which ever you choose, you must envision them and make them as real as possible in your mind’s eye. Please do not give them any negative qualities. Even a hint of darkness will bring about more darkness. The negative quality may take over and bring chaos and evil to your life.

Reinforce good things and good behavior. Repeat to the guide what ever it is that you seek from them such as, “I feel safe because you protect me,” “I am creative because you allow me to be inspired,” “I know great joy because your energy leaves me free to be loved and contented.”

Envision your protectors at your doors and windows facing out. You may also form a barrier of animals facing outward at home, your office, your auto, your parents house… You must reinforce the vision or it will lose its effectiveness. Your daughter may be going to a movie with friends and you may want to send a mother bear with her for protection. Or, to keep your son from being injured in a football game you give him a lion, who is king of the pride, to keep him from harm.

Animals are loyal. They have no problem existing for you and your loved ones. They understand their purpose and bring positive energy to those you sent them to. This is part of the universal energy that you may use for healing. You have merely created it in a physical form.

Do as many different things to keep them positive. Ask God to bless and watch over them. Surround them with intense white light. Flush them with bright light all around. Don’t forget the back, top, bottom or inside.

Animal guides are great to help you feel protected and secure. Reinforce your intent for their purpose. Bring God to them as well as to yourself. This is another aspect to help you release your fear of opening up to ALLOW God.

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