Serenity Now

We have been gifted with solemn, sweet and sincere energy in this year of 2016. You have fallen behind on your daily self-care and it shows. Your wish to be in tune with your Divine self has been neglected for some time. Perhaps you think that the Universe will bring about your ascension all on its own? This is not accurate. You are the most important aspect of your evolution. You must take an active role and when things are failing to transpire, you must make some changes.

There will be little to do if you were able to release your stagnant energy and allow the synchronicity of the Universe welcome you. Your guides and departed loved ones wish to help but you must be in alignment for this to happen. If you practice your protective exercises you would actually have little to fear about the influx of energy.

Use White Light, a white bubble or sphere, a stunning white net, outward facing mirrors, a vortex of gold light, a battalion of angels surrounding you, animal totems … Use one or more and make this a habit. Once you are fully protected, nothing will pierce your sanctuary unless your guides, loved ones, angels, God or Jesus allows it. Relax and release.

You really do need the Chakra Waterfall. Please don’t minimize or belittle the importance of this one means of cleansing and purifying. Without releasing your pent-up, stagnant energy, you may make very little progress toward your enlightenment.

The time will not be better for you to experience not only less resistance with your spiritual growth but also atmospheric, energy assistance. You envision smooth sailing, the Universe will give you smooth sailing. You envision good health and healing, the Universe will oblige. You envision optimal communication with your guides and other Divine beings, you will be given a clear conduit.

This year is your best chance to achieve a higher level of existence with much less interference. Gather together your hopes, dreams and wishes and move forward in grace. Envision yourself fully present in the Kingdom of Heaven and you will bring about that energy, experience and existence.

Renew your protective energy, cleanse and clear your being and fill to overflowing with brilliant bright, white light every day. The details of your chart and your intended existence will flow to you. You will notice more synchronicity, luck, positive messages from your environment and feelings of being blessed.

The struggles that you experience are barriers that you maintain in your energy and being. You have placed those blocks in your own way. You insist upon thinking that you have to struggle, persist and earn the blessings and good fortune that is readily available to everyone.

Stop blocking your own progress. Be content, positive and hopeful instead. Expect the fulfilling job, beautiful home, the close family and intimate relationship with God. The Law of Attraction works well. Be accustomed to the energy of the possible. Your own doubt is what clogs the attraction of success and prosperity to your life.

Daily self-care is essential to your evolution. You may not “check out” and still expect self-actualization. Set your intent and follow along with your intended life. The feelings of success and inspiration build upon itself and more spiritual gifts will follow. Be humble and gracious. Always give thanks and show genuine appreciation. God will meet you more than half way. Once you have opened the doors and removed all of the barriers, He will bring you what you need.

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