The Waves of The Universe


We still have some encouragement for you to open up to the energy of the universe and be fluid. Your tendency is to hold on tight and block any change from happening. This is self-defeating. If you want ascension and spiritual growth then things must change. If you are not at the point on your spiritual path that causes you to feel fulfilled and productive, you must allow more changes to occur. Your white knuckle approach is not beneficial.

Envision sitting on a warm, inviting beach. Sit in the very shallow water facing out toward the sea. Imagine the gentle waves bubbling up to wrap around you as the energy that God wants you to have. Then, imagine the water that has hugged you flows back out to sea as your energy that you send into the universe. It is constant, rhythmic and necessary. This communication is essential for the growth that you seek.

Do you know why you resist being open and available to new energy? It would help Us to work with you if you were to answer this question. Our assumption would be fear. You fear what you don’t understand and to be stagnant and bound up with familiar energy feels more safe to you. It is those horizons that you currently avoid that will bring about a positive, proactive and enlightened life. Any horizon. Any locale that you are not familiar with.

Sit in that warm water at the beach and listen, smell, feel, hear and embrace the gifts from the Divine. Send out your love, emotion and intent so that God may know what you need intimately. You are not trusting just anyone. You are entrusting God with your life. It is that release which will give you an elusive glimpse of God and the Divine.

Why is it elusive? Because you may not have allowed it until now.

People describe that glimpse of God in many different ways. Often there is a warm, inviting light. There may be the sense that other beings are near you like loved ones and good friends. You may feel like you are floating or somehow suspended. It seems like a look in any direction is overwhelming with love and feelings of peace. You may have an inner knowing that all is well and you understand your place in the universe. Many emotions will swell within you and each one is beautiful and motivational.

Your entire being will be full of light and you may cry tears of joy. It is like all of the cares of the world are meaningless because you are exactly where you need, want and try to be. There are no unanswered questions. Nothing left to chance. You fit perfectly into the fabric of evolution and you have your purpose.

The similarity of people’s experiences is unbound, bright, vibrant and fluid energy. No blocks or barriers are present when you behold God.

This is Our primary goal when We guide you. We must assist you to release any barriers that you have created within your being. The more you allow yourself to be fluid and inviting, the closer you are to finding the perfect state of being in the presence of God. Your progress would actually be measurable. By being self-aware, you may scan your physical body and release any block or barrier that you find. The fewer the blocks, the lighter and brighter you feel. The closer you are to God.

Make a plan of daily self-care. Start by grading yourself on how happy and relaxed you feel. Try to be specific and record your progress in a journal. Pray, meditate, ground and center yourself, use only positive self-talk and flush out all negative energy. Then after a weeks time, grade yourself again. You want measurable results so start to measure. Keep up your daily self-care and grade yourself after a month. In order to feel a measurable improvement you must adhere to a daily schedule. If you skip days or forget you will not see the benefit you would have by being vigilant.

We also want you to include your responses to stress or illness. Be specific and keep your journal. Do your best to assess if your coping with unexpected or unpleasant events has improved. Do you release your anger more quickly? Are you more positive and resilient? Are you better able to lead and follow?

You want a measurable improvement. We want you to find success through faith and fluidity. Release barriers and experience emotional growth. Notice that your mood, behavior and coping strategies have improved. You experience more joy each day and you have found your faith in God to be comforting and reliable.

Experience the waves of the universe. Be calm and still. Allow God to surround and caress you. Be content in your natural state and be prepared to glimpse the beauty and grandeur of God. You will easily understand the positive state of people who have regular contact with God. You have noticed that they are serene and resilient. There is always a purpose and coping becomes instantaneous. The description of being “fluid” makes sense when you find these enlightened people. Information flows in and gently flows out. They see no reason for upset or turmoil. They only see yet another reason to accept and have faith in God.

The milestones that you seek will not happen in your current state of existence. Fear will not bring you to the alter of God. Have faith and tell yourself that all is well. By filling your mind with only positive possibilities you will cast aside any heartache or turmoil. All is well. Believe that all is well and everything else will reveal it’s purpose. There is nothing left to chance. It is written already. You are on your path as you visit this site because your intent is to become your higher self. You seek ascension and absolution and We are here to help.

Find that trust in God, release and let go. Be content and confident. Remove whatever stands in your way and behold the Kingdom of God. Allow your light to be part of the glory of the universe. It is written and you are here for this reason.

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