What About Me?

Yes, what about you? You seek some guidance for you who has suffered no abuse, neglect or mistreatment. Why all the focus on broken and dysfunctional emotions? It is common for people to have some left over pain or injury from a time earlier in their life. Many people who visit this site have found God and wish to resolve some turmoil. Their hope is to find peace by embracing God. However our healing attempts may bring a lot of unresolved emotions to the surface. We are responsible enough to deal with it rather than leave anyone trapped in emotions that they don’t fully understand. Lessons and healing go hand in hand.

Let Us address the people here who feel that they have no baggage left over from the earlier years.

Here is a list of things to do now that you feel your life is a clean slate.

  1. Show others love. Release your need to judge or condemn. There is no benefit for you to make judgments about others. This is not your place and this behavior will only bring darkness to your own being.
  2. Find a balance of emotions in life. Find the middle ground. Practice being moderate in response to upset or injury. Avoid the lowest of lows and the highest of anxiety.
  3. Be “in the moment.” Do not live in the past or see nothing but the future. Being “present” in this life will allow you a greater chance to be on your path and in communication with God and the Universe.
  4. Meditate, pray and journal. If your mind never slows, God will be unable to communicate with you. Your constant flow of “thinking” will block any Divine correspondence. It would be like talking to a friend who never allows you to speak or have any input into the conversation. Be quiet and still and ALLOW God to speak.
  5. Occasionally, don’t have any expectations. Allow yourself to receive Divine guidance just by being open to direction and input. Spontaneous is the word. God and spirit will take you on a journey to meet yourself if you are open. If you have a plan at all times you have blocked those special moments when God brings you to His doorstep. This may be in any location or mindset. The possibility of the Divine showing itself to you will increase if you are open to detours. Relax and go.
  6. Read about topics that will expand your mind. It may be about anything that catches your interest. If you are joyful and learning the Universe will respond and bring you more to be joyful about and more to learn. It doesn’t have to be about religion or spirituality. Anything that causes joy will send out your love to your world. Everything gets better.
  7. Avoid concrete expectations for life. You may have an idea of what you should or could be, but you may be wrong. You are not all here to be nuns or priests. You may serve humanity and improve the world by pursuing what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. You are not expected to live in a mud hut and give all of your earnings to homeless shelters. God does not expect such a grand demonstration of your devotion. Make a good living, then, also do what brings you contentment and expression for your thoughts and feelings. This is far greater than laying your life bare.
  8. Be nice.
  9. Avoid gossip or manipulating others.
  10. Do your best to make things better, not worse.
  11. Work through your dysfunction and repair the damages that it made to your life. In order to see the dysfunction you may need to accept the opinions of others, do some soul searching, partake in counseling, accept direction and develop some positive coping strategies. You may have not suffered trauma but you may still have some significant dysfunction to resolve.
  12. Bring healing to others and your environment. Flush dark energies and refill spaces with bright, fluid, stunning light.
  13. Adjust your self-talk to be positive, loving and hopeful.
  14. Go on a rampage of appreciation. Thank God for everything from good health to awesome parking spaces. Like attracts like and you will bring more beauty to your life by being thankful for what you have.
  15. Let down your defenses. You are always braced for impact but there is nothing waiting to impact you. Pray for protection from God, angels, saints, guides, animal totems… then relax. Being vigilant against attacks is not how God will find you. If you are ready to strike out how can anyone, including God, embrace you?

We celebrate your good health! It is comforting to us to know that you feel emotionally stable and ready to move forward. There is still much to be done but this is a nice place to be at in your life.


Is Our intent to heal you seem overdone? Perhaps?


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