Why the Anger?


Where does the anger come from when you are drudging up past issues trying to resolve them? Most people keep their painful experiences buried. Scratching the surface causes the issues to swell up and become more intense. It is like opening a door to a burning room. Once the oxygen hits the flames it creates an overwhelming inferno. Your attempts to heal are bringing up some painful memories that you had kept buried for a very long time.

The anger is your response to being out of control of these painful memories that you kept tied down and hidden. In order to heal, you must deal with whatever comes to the surface. Faith is a difficult state of mind but it will help immensely now while you are healing.

Most people who are hiding some trauma have two speeds; rush/hurry/push or dead stop. This is a sign that you are trying to repress something painful. These dramatic mood swings are usually visible to the people in your life. You may think you are getting along and coping just fine but others see you as someone whose moods swing wildly and vary from intense anger to depression. It is also just as likely that no one will tell you what they have noticed. Even if you ask a direct question about your observed behavior, they still will not tell because you will blow up on them or sink into a depression… or both.

It is often said that to heal will cause emotional pain before you begin to feel better. This is true. Many people who seek counseling will not get past this unraveling state. It hurts too much and you may not be able to see the benefit just yet. Your current ineffective coping is keeping your drastic emotions in check, barely. Unearth your trauma and the volcano erupts. Stay with it. Be patient and try your best to find effective, positive coping skills. Avoid drugs and alcohol and other destructive behavior. Resist the urge to take out your emotion on others. People may try to help but nothing will appease you just yet.

Do your best not to ruin your marriage, family life, job or position in the community. To others you will be unpredictable. They won’t know how you will react so they will find it uncomfortable to interact with you. Things that really never bothered you will suddenly seem unbearable. This is all about you and your need to heal. Usually nothing else has changed but your mood, temper and perspective.

No one will give you a heads up because they don’t want to get plowed over when you rush to react and make people pay. You will not likely see the changes in your behavior. You will think that everyone else is treating you unfairly and it’s them, not you. Sometimes, it really is you.

We offer you this caution. If you are dealing with unearthed pain and emotions, your outward behavior will change whether you realize it or not. Be careful. Find support and comfort. If you do seek counseling, do your best to stay with it and begin to see the positive results.

Have you noticed that your emotions erupt when you are feeling down or sick? This is true since your coping mechanism is to repress your emotions, a decrease in health or rest will allow them to surface and possibly overwhelm you. Your constant attempts to subdue pain will falter as you are tired, stressed or unwell, then your coping will get stronger as you heal. Your devastation or anger will be replaced with your usual lack of awareness. Denial is strong but not healthy.

We often speak about the flow of life and the energy of the Universe. Your buried heartaches are not conducive to healing or aligning more closely with God. Healthy energy is fluid and bright. It is like a bubbly, sparkling fountain which will stun you with clarity. Energy flows to and from you. To achieve your higher self you must release the barriers that impede the flow. You must uncover and heal the pain that you are trying to hide from yourself.

Anger, in this instance, goes in every direction. You rage outward and inward. You want to strike out at the world or be introspective and feed depression. You may even question the presence or intent of God. Anger is normal. This happens often but it is not productive.

Be cautious where you direct your anger. You may inadvertently destroy some important relationships. Loved ones will not know that you are becoming more open and dealing with unresolved issues. They will only know that you are difficult to deal with.

Remember that those who have harmed you may never apologize or even acknowledge what they have done. Worse yet, they won’t remember, leaving you feeling invalidated. Your well being meant nothing to them. They harmed you and didn’t bother to remember it. Or, they may think that you are overreacting. These responses are common. It is far better for you to heal yourself and find forgiveness. Please don’t expect someone else to either say or do the right thing to cause your healing and validate your injury. This is where finding faith will bring you closer to emotional health.

Anger will not solve problems but it does help to bring them to the surface. Finding faith and support from guides, departed loved ones and God will assist you to adjust to being open and free of barriers. Flowing energy IS being well. Crystal clear, vibrant, stunning colors are a sign of well-being. Healing is essential. Be cautious how you choose to heal and keep all of your loved ones close. Don’t lose people in your life because you were unaware of the corresponding anger that comes with healing. This destructive emotion is temporary. Healing and good emotional health are their own rewards.

God does exist and you were dealt some difficult times in order to grow and overcome. The entire process is about ascension, absolution and going back home.

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