Rest Assured

It is ok to be open, emotionally stable and performing good self-care. Keep cleansing and clearing yourself and be grounded to Mother Earth and God. This is a good time to simply maintain your good spiritual health and practice responding to stress with faith.

You have a lot to think about and becoming accustomed to emotional stability is important. The energy of this calendar year will shift to a higher vibration soon. Spring may literally be a spring into some exciting new territory for you. You will have a lot to be thankful for.

The best perspective for now is to be thankful for your emotional stability. If you still don’t feel it then keep trying. Review the recent posts and always be free to seek answers by speaking to Us. What We would offer to you now is a list of suggested daily activities to improve your connection to God and spirit. We also would like you to open more avenues with which to receive guidance.

  1. Begin each day by cleansing and clearing your entire being. Ground yourself and sit beneath the chakra waterfall.
  2. Speak to God during your daily morning activities. This is a good way to become more accustomed to seeking God to walk beside you each day. You do not need a special occasion or specific time of day to speak to God. If you release those beliefs of needing help only at specific times you will have a constant connection with the Divine.
  3. Be open to answers coming from surprising places. Sometimes you will get a message just by overhearing other people talking, songs on the radio, synchronicity that you notice, signs;  literal or metaphorical, topics highlighted on TV or news outlets, events in someone else’s life that mirror your own…
  4. Find communication with others to be stimulating not stressful. Resist your tendency to become upset alongside someone. You have your emotional distance from things that have nothing to do with you. Be sympathetic but content with your own broad perspective.
  5. Practice forgiveness. Just allow life to play itself out. Many things that would normally excite you are not actually important enough to disrupt your emotional stability. Look at it like lessons to be learned, not a reason to overhaul your existence. Be confident that God is in your life and things that present are experiences intended for you.
  6. Develop your maturity. Remain calm when you would normally go off the rails. Forgive when your usual tendency would have been to be angry and vengeful. Be the calm voice in the room. Be the voice of reason. Offer alternatives to the emotional upset of others. Fill the situation with the Light and presence of God.
  7. Take better care of yourself. Be proactive with your health. See the Dr. when needed and be compliant with addressing your medical issues. God created western medicine as well. Simple prayer will not keep you healthy.
  8. Begin to turn outward. Your tendency to be introspective and possibly isolative will interfere with your ascension. You will not reach a higher level of existence living in a vacuum. Interaction with the world is required and you will stunt your growth by being alone far too often.
  9. Allow the universe to know what you want in life. Be open and honest with God and spirit. Resist your tendency to limit your wish list because you feel greedy or selfish. God will not bring you what you ask for if it is not in your chart. This is Our common answer to people wanting to win the lottery. You will win if it is in your chart.
  10. Become more familiar with the concept of God’s Will. There is self-will and God’s Will. Much of what happens in your life is self-will because you have either closed off communication with the Divine or you are following a path which is not intended. You may be guessing what God is intending for you and you may be hopelessly wrong. By opening up and allowing God’s Will your life will realign and what you intended to live will come to you. Being on your path will feel much less stressful. There will be less confusion and more synchronicity.

We would like you to become familiar with being emotionally stable and naturally resistant to stress. Picture your life as a calm pool of Divine energy. Be resilient about lessening the motion of waves or ripples. Allow a minor disruption then regain your calm sense of being. All areas of life may be relaxed if you maintain your faith and allow it.

Meditate and find that soft, sweet inner space which resembles being embraced and supported by God. That is your natural state. It has always been there. You have just been distracted by the meaningless activity of daily life.

You are an eternal being. Your natural state is well above the dark negativity of the Earth’s energy. Find this place and be reassured of your greatness.

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