The Tattered Book of Pain and Misery

Some of Our more avid followers are having a difficult time releasing the old emotional baggage. Whether you realize it or not you have condensed all of this pain and misery into a form of energy. It may not actually look like a book but We will offer this description for Our discussions.

It seems that you are resisting this important release perhaps because you want to seek your ascension and absolution while still maintaining your record of mistreatment and trauma. This is not actually going to happen. You must release all of this dark energy and forgive in order to move up the Stairway to Heaven. You may be able to achieve some amount of spiritual success while holding onto this book but for any large or profound ascension, you will need to be free of it.

You almost want your guides, departed loved ones, angels and God to just look the other way and allow you to keep your record of pain and misfortune. No one will do this. Especially since you have done a lot of cleansing. The book is blatantly obvious. For any healer or guide it is hard to miss.

No amount of smoke and mirrors will keep God from noticing the book. It may become part of you in some way. Perhaps it seems like a badge of honor, a list if things never to forgive or merely a habit. Why do you resist releasing it? There may be any number of reasons. None of them worthy of turning your back on God.

  1. You may feel like this is a record of where you have been and who you are today. That’s ok but you can have your identity AND release the book. You are here at this point because of all of your life experiences. It is ok to weave these troubled times into the fabric of your life and still not seek revenge, repayment or acknowledgment. To insist upon revisiting your anger and vengeance only serves to darken your soul. The intensity with which you clutch this book actually draws you further away from God. Not exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Perhaps you need a record of injury in order to not make the same mistakes. This is also ok but you may forgive and not forget. You have earned your experiences but this is a celebration not a call to arms. Again, the darkness comes to you. In order to use your experiences for the best you must release the negative energy that surrounds it. Your spiritual growth will respond. You will have the emotional gain from these experiences but not the weight of emotional pain.
  3. Maybe you think that by clinging to your book you ensure that the people who have harmed you will eventually have to pay a price. This is not your doing. It is not your responsibility to bring anyone to spiritual justice. In this frame of mind you have placed your own self-imposed responsibilities above God. This would never be the case and this sounds more like ego than justice. Each of you answer to your choices in life when you come before God. You don’t need to carry the book because God already knows what is in it.
  4. You may like the negative power that you feel just by holding onto someone’s transgressions waiting to spring on them and damage their life. Perhaps, “I know you and I know what you did.” The person who harmed you really doesn’t care in most cases. They may have some trepidation about what you know only if it will cause them to be arrested, lose out on money or another benefit or cause them to look bad in the eyes of someone they care about. Otherwise, you will carry your book with this critical information until you leave this world, having darkened only your own Light. The emotional defiance you seek will likely never be realized. You haven’t wielded your sword by now, why would you suddenly wield it after this point?
  5. Perhaps you no longer know how to feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished in this life. You cling to the book because it is the only way you know how to feel. If you don’t feel bad then you fear feeling nothing. This sounds like giving up any amount of control in your life. You seem powerless. If you don’t hate then you don’t exist. This is truly tragic. The intention of experiences in life are to teach you and guide the direction in which you are going. You must experience then find the Light otherwise your life has little meaning. To exist in order to hold judgment is sad and unnecessary.

Let go of the book. Release any misguided reasons for hanging onto it. Advancement comes from being good, honest and loving despite the many trials that you have suffered. If you refuse to regain your momentum to advance for God, your life means very little. You return home with a long list of trespasses against you but little emotional growth. Your homecoming has very little to do with the people in your book. It has more to do with how you faced adversity and found God despite some difficult times. Your transgressors will have their own time before God. If you can see the flaw in your thinking, you will be able to rise up to great heights.

By inadvertently cherishing your book you actually give the people in it more power and control over your life. If you were able to forgive, recuperate and move on, there would be no gain for the ones who intend to do you harm. Your resolve and belief in God would make you a poor target for anyone looking to diminish someone.

Let go of the book. God already knows what is written there. You do not need a hard copy for your records. You do need more room in your life for love, joy and forgiveness. Resilience is something you have gained. Resolve is something that you still need. Envision standing before God and try to hold up that tattered book as a reason why you failed to gain ascension. The book means nothing. The growth you have fought for and won is what God wants.

It is ok to cry. This is a good form of release. You are not being judged but you are being guided. Let go of everything that diminishes your Light. None of it was intended to darken your soul. It was meant to be something to rise above. It feels good to have a genuine connection to God and spirit. Be available to your higher purpose. Each day make sure you hold nothing in your being that is not “of God.” Your treasured book is useless once you have found Him.

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