“You Look Younger and Well Rested!”

Many of you are uncomfortable with leaving your troubles behind. You may have become accustomed to a certain amount of inner pain and turmoil. Different isn’t bad, it is just different. Your normal dowdy, dark and non-permeable outerwear is being swapped with something fresh, fluid and healthier. You feel lighter and more hopeful. The problem is that you have a habit of holding onto your emotional pain and turmoil and habits are hard to break. It takes some time to become more familiar and accepting of the better energy of a clean body and aura.

With continued effort it is possible to make that shift to your more authentic self. People who have done a lot of cleansing, meditation, prayer, Reiki, reflexology, cranial sacral massage… Actually see a difference in their appearance. There is a notable decrease in the stress in their faces and bodies. Their movement flows more freely. Perhaps they have better sleep habits. Maybe some motivation to exercise, clean the house, visit with friends…

Then, it is also visible to see the stress and worry overtake their face, posture and movement. The creases return to the corner of their eyes and mouth. There is visible tension in their jaw, neck and shoulders. They may appear tired or unwell.

The most significant fact about this whole process is that your day-to-day stressors are not worse or insurmountable, they are just different and you may have forgotten how to cleanse and release the dark energy. It is possible to live each day with a positive attitude and motivation to improve. There really is no goal line to cross. Each enlightened individual always has more to learn. You are not able to say that you’ll be done evolving in 10 years or 20 years. This is not accurate. The most likely scenario would be to evolve above your current vibration and then begin to teach others. You still wouldn’t be done learning but you would have plenty to teach.

Making self-care a daily event is good. This will make it much easier to avoid the back slip of feeling at the mercy of others and the Universe. It may be possible to cleanse, clear, be grounded and centered and still be harboring some dark blocks or emotions. You are very resourceful when it comes to hiding your pain and turmoil from yourself and others. Usually these surviving barriers are deeper and darker than the ones you are more able to envision. You may hide them in the spaces of your spine, deep in your tailbone, inside of your sternum, at the base of your skull or any other space that is not fully visible to healers or your attempts to self-heal.

Meditation, prayer, and giving permission to your guides, angels, and other Heavenly Hosts will help. Allow them to dissolve and remove all darkness, even those areas where it is secretly hidden. This must be done occasionally because you will begin to stash blockages in those areas again.

A good suggestion would be to lie flat on your back and meditate. See yourself lying on the ground with lush green grass beneath you and a bright blue sky above. Envision flushing your entire being with healing light, selenite, black tourmaline, hematite or any other substance known for cleaning and removing debris and dark energy. See a great column of this substance above you and then passing through you into the ground. Ask for any hidden debris to be removed as well. Imagine the feel of fresh and healing energy only. Always remember to thank  Mother Earth and pray for her healing as well.

The best hope for your ascension is faith. The next quality is perspective. Nothing in this life is intended to destroy you. It is all meant to teach you through contrast. Even cancer, the death of a child, a tragic car accident, bankruptcy or other horrific event is a teaching tool. The parent you lost to cancer is awaiting your return to Heaven. They know that they have taught you some difficult lessons but they know it was necessary and previously agreed upon. Your battle with Alzheimer’s is intended to teach you and those around you. This was intended.

You see how perspective changes all of the stress, illness or trauma in your life?

Now imagine something far more abstract. Your neglectful parent may have been playing their role in teaching you tough lessons in life. This applies to other significant adults who may have intentionally or inadvertently harmed you as well. Even as an adult, this role play is possible still.

This one reality may have the power to heal the majority of your personal pain. You wanted to learn from neglect, abuse, emotional distance, alcohol, drugs, manipulation or outright victimization. The person who harmed you the most is actually your best teacher.

We will pause now. Some emotions have been aroused and We will respect your need to process this information. It is possible to absorb this one reality and be completely healed. It may be like dropping a 50 lb. bag of rocks and never picking it back up again. This is Our hope for you. It is also acceptable for you to take more time with this. We love you and pray for your healing.



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