The Inner Child Disruption

We have become aware that some of you have had a disruption in your inner child stability. Our work with flushing and releasing dark energy and barriers has brought up some inner child issues that were inadvertently uprooted.

We have made some inner child posts in the past and you may benefit from reading them again. We will reintroduce this concept for Our purposes now. Your IC is an embodiment of childhood disruption, trauma or abuse/neglect. You may have had a relatively normal or even happy childhood until a point when there was a significant disruption. Your IC would have been developed at that time. Or, you may have had a tumultuous childhood and your IC would be at any age corresponding with one of the disruptions. This time your IC would be at any age where there was a traumatic experience, not purely at the youngest age of abuse/neglect.

The IC would be at the age of the most significant event or when you have the best or most vivid memories. Once you work to resolve that injury your IC age would go to the next most traumatic event. This means that the age of your IC may vary throughout your lifetime.

You hold your IC in your being. Most likely the same spots where you hold anxiety, upset or other traumas. This is problematic because if you have had a broken heart or your IC believes that your parents didn’t truly love you, the IC may be lodged in your heart. Another example may be keeping stress in your lower back and thus your IC could possibly affect your physical abilities such as sitting, standing, wakefulness and sleep.

So now what We have come upon is a resurgence of your IC upset due to your work in clearing your being of stagnant energy and painful blocks and barriers. Our recommendation is to keep your IC in your God Center which is in your solar plexus. This area is functional as your spiritual guidance center and where you house the particle of God that each of you possess. You will not suffer actual physical impairment or illness by keeping your IC there.

To reach your IC you would envision your God Center and grasp and remove it. You would hold onto this injured part of you and hold it securely and with great love. It may be possible for you to comprehend which age and corresponding event your IC was created. Most likely you will not unless you have developed an advanced communication with spirit, departed loved ones or God. What you can do is to honor your IC and help it to heal. Express devotion, understanding and forgiveness. Be “present” and love your IC unconditionally. Be the active, positive parent or guardian that you did not have when you were injured or traumatized. Do anything you wish which you would’ve appreciated when you were young. Rock them, sing, dance, bundle them up in a soft blanket. Express your love and belief that they are healed because you are there to protect and nurture them and you will not betray them in any way.

After your healing communication, place your IC back in your God Center for safe keeping. You may have to repeat this exercise a few times in order to resolve your past trauma. Be certain to have no judgment, criticism or anger. You must be open and loving. Assign no blame to that fragile child. Be that perfect parent that you truly needed.

This should be a good start on your journey to learn more about your inner child. There are a lot of resources for more information. Should you need more information We will address this topic again. Never fear Our intent to help you. We will review any and all of Our lessons if you require it. We do not judge you and We love you as We love ourselves.


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