The Aura


The aura is packed with all of your emotions, fears and problems. There are layers upon layers of thoughts and feelings which allow or repel any incoming or outgoing information.

Authentic communication requires more open avenues. Being out of touch with normal expression causes a backlog of information which you would need to have authentic communication with the spiritual, physical and internal planes.

Not being in touch with your realms of existence will cause you to be out of touch with your chosen path. “Detached” as it were. This would cause you to misunderstand and misinterpret the interactions that you have with other people and your environment.

Cleansing your aura is the same as cleansing your physical body. Flushing out the stagnant, dark energy is essential and then refill with bright, healthy White Light. You must remember to flush all around and through your being. Many of you hold negative energy in your tailbone, shoulders, upper back/neck and hips. If you cleanse only the areas visible to you in a mirror, many darker areas will go untouched.

As you can see from the chart, a healthy aura is full of color. These areas are intended to have bright, vibrant, fluid colors. Dark or muddy hues will not promote good health.

Practice flushing out unhealthy colors and promoting positive, energetic ones. As with your physical body, stagnant colors may actually form a block or barrier. Please don’t assume that flushing liquid colors will complete this task. You must also dislodge or break apart any solid energy that you have created.

You may wonder why you would create a solid barrier inside your own body and aura. This is usually some type of coping mechanism. You resist any change because you believe that you can handle what you have on your plate currently. When things start to change, you resist this change by blocking it with actual physical barriers. In your misguided need to keep things the same you actually cause more problems. True life and effective coping is fluid. Information and energy must flow in and out. There is a constant communication with your being and the world, spirit, departed loved ones and God.

An analogy is if you resist any change you may be out of touch with reality. Let Us say that you have become accustomed to warm weather. Then, the temperature drops to below freezing. In your misguided way of blocking change you neglect to dress more warmly and you experience a bitter cold that you are intentionally unprepared for. You may get sick or suffer some other malady. Why would you place yourself at risk? Doesn’t responding to change make you more healthy and effective to carry out your life goals? This analogy is rudimentary but Our intent is to deliberately shake your mindset. Resisting change leaves you out of the Divine flow of energy. Your mental, emotional and spiritual growth needs constant communication with the Universe.

Chances are that you may see this disabling mindset in someone else but you do not recognize it in yourself. You’d be aghast at someone trying to cope with their current environment by using outdated and ineffective coping. You may wonder why they are so out of touch. You may even find it humorous. Your barriers to change are just as ineffective. In order to be a part of the future flow of energy you must ALLOW that energy.

Flush all of your energy out and then allow God to refill you. This will happen in an instant. You will not be left bare or unprotected and God will fill in your physical body and aura with the energy that you need. You must envision yourself with stunning, vibrant, fluid light. Sitting on a rock or even being part of the rock will not get you salvation. The energy is far too dense. You must be able to rise up and float in order for your intended existence to actualize.

We sense some resistance to this concept. Some of you feel that covering yourself in armor is actually beneficial. This would be great if the negative forces against you were actual arrows or swords. Your ascension requires you to successfully cope and release unseen energy. Your suit of armor is actually counterproductive. This concept may take some time to grow accustomed to. This is ok. We will definitely stay on this topic until there is a better understanding. The idea that you may flush your inner body of stagnant energy is acceptable to you but flushing energy from your aura takes more thought. It truly is the same concept. And, it truly is just as important.

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