What Weighs You Down?

During Our discussions about elevating your existence to reach your higher purpose, We will offer you some clues as to what specifically you need to release. Think of you trying to take flight. You need to be light and buoyant so you will rise. Anything dark, negative or laden with emotion will hold you back. Releasing these heavier substances is necessary.

  1. Greed is dark and very heavy. This emotion will derail you from your spiritual path by itself. Greed may be about money and wealth but also about wanting people, places and certain types of relationships in your life. Not only do you want the beautiful home but also a trophy wife/husband, attractive/intelligent kids, expensive leisure activities, respect from others, money/stocks/property from heirs, and generally all wealth and prosperity flowing to you and not to others.
  2. An inflated ego is also contradicting to the lightness of spirit. Feeling above others in intelligence, attractiveness, prosperity and material possessions will combat any spiritual growth. Most often someone this absorbed by ego is actually suffering from low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. They feel compelled to pounce others into feeling less than worthy in order for them to feel better about themselves. Ego is fragile that is why someone suffering from an inflated ego must go over-the-top to feel better but crash more easily than someone who has a more manageable ego. They feel shaken and compelled to reassert themselves just to regain their usual lofty behavior. It is this false sense of worth which keeps you from gaining spiritual growth.
  3. Anger, hatred and animosity for others will also weigh you down. Being more open and loving is conducive to maturity and growth. These negative emotions are thick, black and tenacious. You have very little chance to fly above anything with these putrid connections keeping you down. As We have said before. Forgiveness is about you as well. Releasing your negative behavior will increase your ability to raise your vibration.
  4. Feelings of illness or seclusion. Removing yourself from everyday life either from false feelings of illness or self-imposed isolation will block your need to become higher evolved. Many people transform their emotional upset and drama into physical feelings of illness. In psychiatry this is called a conversion disorder. During your childhood development you were conditioned by the adults in your family that a tummy ache was more acceptable than anger, frustration or sorrow. You were shunned for expressing emotions but nurtured and cared for if you presented with a medical illness. You ate chicken soup and grandma rocked you for comfort. Now, you have no understanding of why you feel “sick” all the time. As adults your spouse, family, friends and co-workers tire of hearing about your daily and /or weekly illness. You may doctor shop because no one is able to diagnose or confirm an illness. Then you become angry because they are wrong or incompetent so you find someone else, until you burn that bridge also. Being genuine with your thoughts and feelings will increase your levity. Flight is possible if you stop misrepresenting yourself.
  5. Trust is important. Feelings of mistrust or deception will keep you from finding a higher existence. You find it difficult to trust what people say or their actions. You find something wrong with anything and everything. This may be part of an overly inflated ego but it also may have a different origin. The most basic requirement for belief in God is faith. This is the release of suspicion or mistrust. Know that God is the basis for the entire Universe and anything that happens is intended. Releasing your false feelings of control will lend itself to faith. This perspective makes everything more conducive to coping. “This is intended and I am learning _______ because if it,” not your tendency to feel at the mercy of  your environment. Faith will lead you to words of truth and meaning. Being ONE with the Universe brings great peace as well.

We will move in to another subject. Please feel to ask questions or seek more clarity about this topic. We would not be effective teachers if We did not answer all of your concerns. It is not our intention to leave you uninformed.

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