More Progress

Our recent discussions have been very successful with you. It is much more common for you to realize that emotional baggage may actually create physical barriers. The areas where your stagnant energy is lodged directly coincides with areas where you have some unresolved issues. You may have trouble communicating so there may be a blockage in your throat chakra. You may have a broken heart from a lost love so there may be a blockage in your heart chakra. Perhaps you have sexual or intimacy problems and your blockage is in your sacral chakra. All of this is related and you are better able to accept this.

Many of you fear the loss of control. You imagine that you purge all of your stagnant, dark energy then you are at risk of being out-of-bounds. You may want to blurt some expressions, complain more openly, share some intimate feelings, allow someone to know exactly how you feel or lose your composure. These concerns have a minimal basis in truth. You may be more open to communication for a short time but then the intense, bright, White Light that you have instilled in those problem areas will lead to expressions of love, acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.

You will forget to be ashamed, defensive, combative, accusatory, unapproachable or surly. Your usual communication will be softer and sweeter. The irritability will be replaced with more tolerance. This is not a bad thing. It is unfamiliar but not bad.

The important thing is to remember not to restart all of your usual rhetoric. Let it go. Keep moving forward. Forgive by forgetting.

Once you have become stable with the energy and emotion of God, your life will respond with joy, love and happiness. It would be easy to backslide but that is why you will learn to scan your thoughts and behavior so you will notice when things begin to go awry again.

You have also found more success by flushing the bad stuff down instead of up. This is good. It makes sense to you and this will encourage you to keep doing it this way. No sense in dragging all of your stagnant energy and blockages up past your heart and throat.

The next important area to cleanse is your third eye, ear chakras and your crown. You will immediately notice a swell of positive energy once you flush all of the darkness out of your head. Let it flow. Use a shower, cord or sweep to clear out your mind. Envision your third eye being a lighthouse. Imagine vibrant light beaming outward all around your head with the intensity to cut through any fog or storm. You may even make it rotate like a real lighthouse. Once you have mastered this intense cleansing you will be more available to God and spirit.

Many people don’t realize that they plug their ears with energy blocks. This is very common. It may be more likely if someone is mean or berates you or there are other sounds in your life that you don’t want to hear. Some people with communication problems will also create these blockages. It is an internal way to shut down. The problem is that you also block God and spirit by instilling these barriers. It is far better to allow your senses to work properly and ask God to help you cope with the fears, concerns or issues that you have.

It is also possible to use the lighthouse visualization for each chakra. Anytime you want to clear all of your chakras you must start at your base and work your way up. This is the natural flow of energy and you would not be fighting the communication between chakras.

Keep going! Remember to keep moving forward. Even if you have suffered some serious trauma it is still possible to heal and make spiritual progress. Keep your thoughts positive. Cleanse your entire being. Most of all, don’t give up your progress if you experience something harmful or upsetting. Place your experiences in perspective and acknowledge that your troubled times are lessons to be learned. If you manage life successfully, you won’t have to keep relearning the same lessons over again. Break the cycle by accepting your place in this world of learning for soul growth and expansion. You don’t have one life. You have a series of lives in order to grow closer to God.

Open to the Divine and be One with all that is. We are each a portion of the fabric of Creation. We may wish to rise to the top instead of being mired in sadness, grief and emotional pain.

It is far better to give love to the world. Be that shining light. This is why you came into this life. Success is refusing to be weighed down by ego. Forgiveness is not weakness. It is truly a gift that God has given to you so that you may give it to others.

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