Is That a Walnut in Your Throat?


Many of you have begun the process of flushing and releasing stagnant energy and dark blockages. Some of you have done quite well and have released much of the necessary baggage. Others have a blockage in your lower abdomen. A few have a blockage in your stomach or solar plexus. And more have some things stuck in your upper chest near your heart. The ones in the most discomfort are the people who have energy blockages in their throat.

All of these areas resemble a round bundle of cords. They are virtually solid and you may actually feel them now that they have been spotted. A walnut may be a little too solvent but similar enough for our purposes.

The bundles in the throat are creating an emotional dam. For those of you who have this type of blockage you may not feel like talking or if you do talk you may be overwhelmed by emotions. Tears will flow more easily. You have some options for how to clear this area out. Ask your guides or angels to remove it and help you to feel more comfortable. Visualize removing the walnut yourself with your hand or a cord attached to it and refilling the area with intense, bright White Light. Visualize coughing or spitting it out then refilling the area. After you have dislodged it keep the area filled with healthy light or you will recreate it, again and again.

For the other blockages in less uncomfortable areas, these same options are available. I would recommend a shower of golden light and allowing all energy to be flushed out downward through your feet. This type of cleansing will avoid the putrid energy from rising up to your more sensitive heart and throat areas. Then, refill with positive and loving light. Fill up all of your being including the top of your head, the bottom of your feet and your back.

This “shower” may happen at various times in the day. It would be a good habit for you for the next few days so that you may free enough cleansed space to accept your energy boost to a higher level of functioning. At this point, your goal is the boost but you must cleanse first. Then, once you become familiar with cleansing, it will be beneficial each day.

Spirit is very concerned that some of you actually prefer being rude, hurtful and damaging to others in your life. Letting go of your “perceived” sense of power is not attractive to you. It may make you feel vulnerable or weak to be nice and loving. If you want to continue to harm others and make them feel bad then you are likely not going to accomplish very much. This type of duality is not acceptable for spiritual advancement. You want to function at a higher vibration but you want to cause others harm. You must make a choice and follow through with it. You are welcome to follow along because at some point you may decide to truly embrace God and send out loving energy to everyone. That is Our hope.

For those of you trying in earnest, you will feel different. You may feel more emotional or vulnerable but this is temporary. Once you have cleansed and allowed your advancement you will regain a feeling of emotional stability. You should feel lighter and brighter! Keep going. This is a very important aspect of your education.

The metaphor about the helium balloon with a bag of rocks in it seemed to have made a lot of sense. This is good. Today We will speak about a hot air balloon with a basket. This is all about you. Imagine being in the basket and directly above you are the Gates of Heaven. You may stoke the flame but all of your unnecessary stagnant energy weighs you down like rocks. You look up and imagine the beauty of Heaven and the gentle, loving embrace of Jesus. You really want to get there. Release some rocks. Let go of your childhood/parent issues and begin to rise. Release your sibling issues and rise up more. Does this make sense? Keep going all throughout your life and release all of your injury, damage and trauma. Throw all of those rocks away and feel worthy of Heaven.

The single most significant barrier to living your life for God is that you mistakenly believe that this earth life is actually what it is all about. You think that your day-to-day life IS your purpose. This is inaccurate. Your are here to learn, experience and grow closer to God. All of your troubled times are intended to teach you lessons that you desire to learn. Even your happy times are lessons.

Think of your eternal life being in levels or stages. People in the lower levels which have more dark energy and selfishness. These are the people who murder, rape, beat and cause intense damage and pain. They likely use drugs and/or alcohol. They have no respect for anyone. They are likely sociopathic. The next level of people would have more redeeming qualities. They may age and mature and cause less damage to themselves and others. The stages keep elevating. Then you have people who are higher evolved. They do more good in the world but perhaps they are not interested in God or any other higher power. Then you have people who are good and seek a better understanding of life and may want to teach others what they have learned. They have a good concept of eternal life and they want to succeed.

Then you really do have some people who are highly evolved and appear in this world with disease, disabilities or other traumatic qualities. This may include miscarriages and infant death. These souls are here to teach you! They have learned their lessons and they are devoted to teaching others through intense hardship and pain.

You also have highly evolved people who are earth guides and leaders. They have things figured out and they want to walk beside you for a time.

So…this is why a higher vibration is necessary for your ascension. You came into this life at a certain level or stage and you have your goals set on a higher level of existence. The tumbles in life are meant for you to build upon. Then, you evolve and look around and see other people who you want to bring along with you! YES! This IS the meaning of life. Do the work and rise up to the vibration of God. Then, go home and make another list of life experiences that you want to conquer.

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