This Is The Year

This is the year to accept a higher calling. In order to do this you need to prepare yourself to replace old, stagnant energy with new, lighter, brighter, healing energy. This is a two-step process. When your guides and departed loved ones let you know it is time to get a boost of spirituality, you have to prepare for it and accept it.

You will not be able to clear any space in your being if you are mired in sadness, anger, vengeance, depression and other forms of lower thinking. It would be like trying to float a helium balloon with a sack of rocks inside of it. You may feel defensive about releasing your long-held grudges and wounds. This would be a dramatic change for your way of functioning. Many of your darker energy blocks are years old. Perhaps you forgot they were even in there.

The process of releasing these blockages may be simple and broad sweeping or you may slow everything down to a snail’s pace. The easy way is to release everything all at once. Ask your guides, angels, archangels and God to flush everything out and into the earth. Remember to flush the areas behind, beneath and areas that you are not able to see. Then, fill back up with intense, bright, White Light. Repeat this process until you notice a better attitude, perspective and stronger faith.

The difficult way is to drudge through layers of darkness and behold each item and set it aside to release. The problem is that this is slow and ineffective. If you behold each injury, wound or slight you are likely to give it greater strength. Then, it would be less likely that you would ever let it go.

If We were to tell you that the Kingdom Of God was just across a beautiful meadow and it is reachable only if your footfalls are as light as air. How many of you would get there? Clinging to negative blockages weighs you down. Feeling greedy, angry or that someone owes you sticks you right where you are. How simple is it to cross that meadow? Why would you hold onto negative things and not reach that Kingdom?

Hopefully you will see that concerns, issues and grudges are the only thing keeping you from beholding God. It truly is this simple.

Now that you have made room in your being and filled yourself up with intense, bright White Light it is time to “allow.” Pray daily that you are ready for your higher existence and allow God and your other Heavenly Hosts to bring it to you. Accept it and embrace it.

The best approach is to meditate, pray and be thankful for your higher energy and purpose.

Lose the defensiveness. Would you really stand before God and pick at each issue, concern and grudge and tell Him that these slights are far more important than sitting at His feet? Surely not.

Release all of it. Rely more upon faith than past experiences. Hold only love, hope and divine guidance in your being. This state of true faith will bring far greater happiness, success and prosperity to you.

Being judgmental and punitive is NOT on the Stairway to Heaven.

Let go of everything that you regret, feel shameful about, fear, causes anger or resentment, stands between you and love, or makes you feel unworthy. People make mistakes. You make mistakes as well. Calm yourself with the knowledge that if someone could do it all over again that they may do a better job of it. Or, if they have not changed, reassure yourself that you are mature enough to let it go because they are a flawed human being.

Be above the rhetoric. Your higher existence allows you to forgive and move toward better, more positive things. If you resist this needed cleansing you may miss all of the wonders of 2016. Don’t let all of this divine love pass you by. No amount of injury should block your connection to God.

Send love to everyone. Say it our loud or in your head. Send love to all family, friends and even departed loved ones. Send it to those who have harmed you. Send it to those you have harmed. Keep up this pace and notice the dramatic shift in your life experience. Sending love brings you love.

Feel lighter, brighter and above all darkness. Resist the repeated call of those who would keep you chained to pain. Increase the distance between you and those who do not uphold you. This is a blessing. This is a special year for these blessings. God wants to bring you a higher existence and this is what life is really about. Be God for God.

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