This Year Is Soft and Sweet

There is a huge difference between the energy of 2015 and this new year. Many people have felt a dramatic shift to positive and more upbeat emotions. This may be the best time to actively forgive in order to reap the best benefits of this new energy. Holding onto down or negative thinking may not get you the best results.

Think of it like cleaning out your closets. Air everything out and toss what isn’t good for you. Then organize everything that you intend to keep for the most benefit. It may be easier to talk about forgiveness rather than to actually follow through but this is in your best interest. It is good self-care. If that isn’t an awesome goal of this new year than I don’t know what is!

Spirit would like to help you place emotions into perspective. Perhaps a list of ways to accomplish this will help.

  1. Only keep what memories or emotions that are in your best interest. Do not keep any thoughts or feelings related to pain, turmoil, upset or injury. Definitely don’t keep any event or situation that you intentionally manipulated, harmed or caused any conflict with others. To boast about your misdeeds is only encouraging darkness and negativity.
  2. Forgiveness does not mean to leave yourself vulnerable to mistreatment. It is perfectly fine to forgive but not forget. Spirit would never encourage you to be victimized again by anyone without your best interests at heart. Even if they are close family or friends.
  3. Find a healthy distance from loved ones who continue to hurt your feelings or cause you to feel less than positive. Perhaps physical distance is not possible but an emotional distance is definitely a good step. Keep your self-talk positive and loving and do your best to see that they behave poorly for their own reasons and not because you deserve it.
  4. Use positive affirmations about love and joy. If you fill your mind with good things and positive emotions for the world, many things will not be able to get you down.
  5. Do not dwell on anything that is not positive and loving. Your intense focus on things said or done causes it to grow and expand beyond its original scope. You actually make it matter more than it really did. You cause more harm by allowing it to grow.
  6. Be a positive, fresh perspective in any situation. Allow yourself to be the motivator and not the naysayer.  This may not be your usual tactic but this may become a really good habit. Be the bright light and bring good feelings to others in need.
  7. Allow much of your childhood trauma to dissipate. Many who harmed you have matured. It is quite possible that they would treat you very differently if they were able to do things over again.
  8. Do not put your life on hold waiting for someone to acknowledge the harm they caused you or an apology. This will not happen and you must be more responsible for making your own life better. By waiting for someone else, you have given them way too much power over you. This is never a good idea.
  9. Do your best to be ok all on your own. Stand on your own and bring positive, uplifting people into your life. Be independent and whole, then allow more success to develop. It is good to be your own best friend.
  10. Try to be positive, upbeat and motivated for change. By communicating with God and spirit you open more doors for opportunities. Your chosen life will be able to reconnect with you.
  11. Find role models and make changes in your life. Be that person who appears calm, serene and full of faith. Living with a close connection to God and the Divine will being renewed wisdom and experience to you. Your strength will be unmistakable.
  12. Remember that forgiveness is more about you than it is about them. Cleanse your life, emotions and habits. Being full of light will dispel any of your more self detrimental behavior. It is always difficult to develop new habits but please keep trying. If you begin to notice more darkness, anger and negativity, renew your commitment to God.
  13. Be above the dark habits of others. To cause conflict or turmoil to draw attention to others misbehavior will actually draw more darkness to you.
  14. This year is about substantial growth and positive changes. Set some goals and go about meeting them. The wind is truly at your back.
  15. Seek proper alignment and a higher vibration. Your are the vessel of change and you must be prepared to accept and route the Divine energy outward to others. Do as God would do.
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