The Yearly Gift

It is easy to forget the true reason for Christmas. Sometimes we get caught up in the gift giving and presents. It may take a reminder to bring your focus back to the one, greatest gift that God has given us, His only Son.

The Life of Jesus may be one of the best topics to research in order to truly value this earth life. There is a lot of rhetoric but do your best to find a reasonably truthful depiction of His life and crucifixion. In meditation I have been shown the events leading up to the crucifixion a few times. It is always difficult for me to remain in complete contact with spirit during these times. I become nervous and either derail the depiction or block much of it. I become fearful of knowing too much of His pain and torment. I also busy my mind with nonsense about the Shroud of Turin or whether He truly perished or continued to live a quiet, human life. These potential hoaxes are less upsetting than reliving the death of Jesus.

I’m human and I have an uneasy time accepting the gift of “knowing” from spirit. I also realize that I am being shown this time in history for a reason and until I truly accept this vision I will continue to be given this journey over and over again. My fear and discomfort are limiting my growth. I must face it, I know.

Perhaps I should list the reasons why I cannot face the vision of the crucifixion and work through them one by one. Maybe I need a spiritual counselor to guide me. I do experience great sadness because I can’t help but resist gaining knowledge specifically related to this. Or, maybe I question how truthful and genuine these visions are. I might be lying to myself under the cloak of meditation.

As I continue to work through my human limitations I will continue to channel spirit and offer you the gift of “knowing” just as I have for the past few years. God is love. You are God. -Lisa


This time of year may be best known for renewal. The changing of the seasons and the rebirth of Nature’s gifts will happen soon. The Winter is a time of introspection and learning. In past history it was a time to read books and pass time with family and other loved ones. Much time was spent indoors. Do you suspect that Christmas occurs in the Winter months on purpose? Perhaps this was part of the Divine Plan.

As we spent time indoors with ample time to busy ourselves, we were also given the Gift of Jesus. We had many long days and nights to learn of His life and mourn His death. We were given the gift of absolution but it did come at a cost.

We held Him up to be our ideal. This is the epitome of human life. We are capable of walking the earth to heal and teach without judgment. We may live our life in service of God and make our community better each day. Ours is not to dwell upon our own needs and wants. Ours is to give of ourselves and make each person better just by having had them in our company. Life truly could be this simple. We tend to complicate things and distract ourselves from the true meaning of life. During this time of quiet solace, we may build ourselves up and find that earnest, genuine path. Be good. Do good. Be God in human form.

We are reminded each year to align with the Life of Christ. This is a pretty good setup that we have. Each year we may answer questions about the value of our existence and what our purpose is. We are provided with a standard to live up to. A human given to our world to show us how inspiring and simple our lives may become. We may do all the wonders that Jesus has done.

The true existence of Christ is still playing out in our lives and the lives of our family and neighbors. He still exists. He is omnipresent and capable of being in many places at the same time. We may call out to Him and be assured by His presence. God has never left us all alone.

The meaning of our life has so much more to do with wealth and stature. It may be as simple as giving of yourself every day to improve the lives of those around you.

Receive this gift this holiday season. Be humble and grateful. Give thanks for your life. Make faith the only thing that you truly need. Come back home to who you truly are. Be grounded to Mother Earth and God. Be at peace with this life. When you have God and His only Son, there is nothing else you need.


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