The Freedom of 2016

We are entering a very auspicious time in our human development. We have gone through many trials and challenges in this past year. We have all entered into this New Year with some profound experiences. Why is this year any different? The energy that the Universe is sending to us is more mellow and healing. It would be like attending a party in 2015 and the music being played was hard, heavy and difficult to absorb after time. Now, in 2016, We would state that the music is meditative, inspiring and supportive. We spend less time resisting the flow and more time being embraced by it.

It is as if the Earth took a long deep breath and is sweetly resting. The conflict we had become used to has been dispelled. What if you don’t feel the change? Then you must be quiet, pensive and open. Then allow your own energy to be rebooted as well. If you still feel pounded by pressure from everyday life then YOU must seek the sweeter energy that is available to help you heal. You must have missed something that others have noticed. It is far less toxic now.

This is the relief you have been waiting for. It is often said that God will never give you more than you can handle. This new era is the end of your struggle. You must be able to allow yourself to feel well and whole again. See more humor in life. Do your best but also save some time to relax and celebrate.

Have we had other vacations from harsh energy in the past? Yes, absolutely. You may have felt that it must have been a long time ago but it wasn’t. The last break was in 2012. Just 4 years ago. You may look around the world and disagree that it should feel lighter and more positive. What you have not considered is your own perspective. You have allowed daily life to punish you and hold you down.

Many gifts and blessings were never recognized because you were busy grumbling and blaming the giver rather than appreciating the gift. So much of 2015 was intended to pull you out of complacency. You were prompted to step outside of your comfort zone and make a stand against what had been happening. Did you? Were you able to find comfort for the victims of terrorism, natural disasters, gang violence, drought… How would God provide you with life experiences without some harsh emotions, outrage, fear, grief, communion…?

The goal was to encourage you to feel, respond and react as a global community. God did want you to cry, question, rage and grow. You were asked to ignore the color of their skin, age, religion,  gender,  sexuality and language. A child is truly just a child. A grandmother is also just that. God asked you to release your need to identify, divide, admonish and judge. You were asked to feel compassion for other human beings without mention of any identifying characteristics.

You offered to open your mind and feel for someone as you would for any member of your family. You shed tears for babies, children, men and women. People. Just genuine people. This was a big step. Many of you have reverted back to dividing your emotions with judgment again but some of you  chose to release your need to feel something different for someone who is different.

We commend you. We welcome you to a higher level of existence. By releasing your need to judge, you have ascended up the Stairway to Heaven. You must continue to look forward. More changes are coming and you must not get distracted by looking back.

Your best response is to pray, meditate, raise your vibration, journal and look outward, not inward. The shackles of 2015 are gone. You may move about freely. Breathe deeply, praise God, sing, dance and prepare for the next chapter of your education. It is exciting to be with you now and We look forward to Our continued contact with you.

Smile and be present in your own life. See, feel and share your renewed potential to love. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. It won’t unless you insist that it must. This is the best time to be positive, upbeat and motivated for new experiences. Break your own barriers to a fully involved, spiritual life.

We will begin this new year with some thoughts about perspective. We are eager for our next visit. Our love for you is unlimited and Our hope is for you to love others just as freely.

We will walk beside you and deliver you to the Temple of God, for this is Our only purpose in life.

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