Attempt to Resolve Childhood Injury

Resolving childhood emotional injury is essential to your healing. There are so many dysfunctional behaviors that have roots in your childhood. Needing anyone else to acknowledge your injury will not work in many cases. The adults that were responsible may have no idea what had happened or how they responded or reacted had a lasting effect on you. Some of your injuries may be from siblings, cousins, aunts or uncles, school mates, neighbors… Your responsible adult may have had no idea what you had been subjected to and as such they were unable to protect you or to help you recover.

Being an adult now does not mean that those injuries are long since buried unless you actually did resolve and release them. Most often they are under many years of added upset. If your mother and/or father were self-centered like the previous post, you were not valued as a child and yet you were expected to “show well” to their friends and family. You were left to raise yourself and not make any mistakes while doing this.

As we look at this issue now we are confronted with your need to be acknowledged, understood and made whole again. This cannot be done by waiting to be healed from the outside. The idea that someone will eventually apologize for their treatment of you will only delay your self-actualization. Please resist the idea that someone needs to account for what was done to harm you. Even as an adult, this notion still will not fulfill you and make you whole. You must understand and accept that you are ok all on your own.

Heal from the inside out. There are many avenues to take in order to resolve the many varied issues that keep you from accepting your divinity and perfection as a whole. You are valuable, worthy and deserve to be happy. It is up to you to convince yourself of this and live it.

We have done some Inner Child work in the past. This is a good place to start. There are so many resources that you may find on the internet, in a book store, in counseling or support group. You may find an Inner Child resource that resonates with you and you may need to repeat the exercises in order to receive the full benefit.

Here are some other steps to take. We wish you all the best and we want only your healing and fulfillment. Rise up to be your true self and rejoin your chart so you may find the value and contentment that you wished for yourself during this incarnation.

  1. Accept that you are valuable. You deserve love, happiness and fulfillment.
  2. Resist using dysfunctional or manipulative means to feed your ego into thinking that you are happy and fulfilled. it is just as hollow as the article about having a narcissistic parent. You truly may become the same type of person who has harmed you the most.
  3. Use your inner voice for positive affirmations instead of negative thought loops.
  4. Release any self-doubt. You are capable of overcoming even the most horrible of circumstances to live happily and make a positive impact upon society.
  5. Allow the release of ALL inner pain and turmoil. This is accomplished by meditation, prayer, Reiki, counseling journaling… Most importantly, when you release the trauma, do not bring it back.
  6. Forgive yourself and others. This is not for their benefit, this is for you. The darkness of anger, vengeance, hate, worry, anxiety, fear will bring you down well beneath your true value. Releasing these emotions will help to buoy your self-worth. This one step may take some time to complete. Please try to convince yourself that harboring ill will is not in your best interest and darkening your light will not harm or injure anyone else but you.
  7. Fear is not “of God.” By releasing fear you will find the true avenues for which to live your life. Being absorbed in fear alters every emotion, action and thought.
  8. Love is its own reward. By sending out love, you will increase the love that flows to you.
  9. Make a list of offending others who have impacted your life and make progress toward resolving any lingering emotion or injury. Perhaps by seeing this in writing, you may realize that those who have harmed you have not made any attempt to resolve any issues with you. They likely did not understand how much they harmed you or they have no intention of accepting responsibility for their actions. Either way, they will NOT help you heal.
  10. The article about the narcissistic parent may apply to any number of offending behaviors with which you were raised. The mere fact that your parent may only have focused upon themselves to the detriment of you, may apply to a wide variety of neglect, abuse or abandonment issues. It is their inward focus that made your life perilous and no one will accept responsibility for this.

You must heal you. Accept any amount of help or support but the act of being ok with who you are is yours alone. It may sound lonely to you but it is actually liberating. When you are stable and strong you may stand on your own. Your life is your responsibility and you have taken any control away from anyone else. You are not lonely. You are independent and any influence that undeserving others may have upon your life are gone. You are whole and healed and capable of withstanding any lower energy.

From this stance you may accept, experience and relish any lesson or blessing that God sends to you. This is your true self; happy, whole and powerful. It is far easier to forgive all others from this place of true Divinity.

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