The Party Is Entering The Wee Hours

There has been an amazing amount of spirit activity. Most accounts are of electronics either ceasing to work or doing some unexpected, unpredictable things. Generally, spirit has kept their “tricks” benign. No harm, no foul. If you have the proper perspective you may have enjoyed their creativity!

A friend of mine had her TV and DVR turn on multiple times. It was her father who was just letting her know that he is near. I suggested that she have a conversation with him as if he were in the room with her, especially since he was!! All turned out well. The best advice from her situation is to perform daily protection exercises. She envisions some powerful animal totems to guard her home at night and her father asked me to tell her that if he was a dark being he would have not gotten past the guards. She was reassured and found great comfort in this news.

For you, this is a validation of how well these protection exercises work.

I have had some vivid dreams. Recently I woke up to some new guides. They appeared very ornate and colorful. They delivered some positive news and they have faded away since then. Very nice to meet them. I did not feel in any way fearful. Being close to spirit is comforting to me. A guide spoke of my parents, who are deceased. They spoke of them using their given names Eugene and Elizabeth and it took me a second to realize who they were. “Oh, Mom and Dad.” I did feel silly.

Now, with the veil getting thicker, there will be less jocularity. Spirit guides and departed loved ones are all part of our everyday lives. Being more comfortable with them will help you to accept the synchronicity of someone unseen helping you throughout your day. Being positive and staying in the Light will help to block any darker energy.

By relaxing and having faith, your life will seem charmed. Everything falls into place and your needs are met with little to no effort. When you begin to recognize these instances of synchronicity you must then give thanks and appreciate what spirit has done for you. It is this dynamic that will build more ease, even during times of stress. The synchronicity will evolve and include not just parking spaces or being met by an elevator at the perfect time, much bigger things will miraculously fall into place. This may be financial windfalls, positive medical news or quick resolution of concerns, the perfect new car, landing a great job just by walking through the door… This is all very possible if you allow it and offer gratitude.

It is possible to believe so much in God’s Grace that you expect everything to be handled with ease, and it is. Then, the moment you lose faith or falter in giving gratitude, life will seem more complicated and difficult. The charm will wear thin and may disappear. All aspects of faith must be in place for you to receive the benefits.

Some people have this dynamic worked out. They may manifest many things and expect just rewards. The synchronicity flows without interruption. The key is to understand that God is in control and ego will dissolve your fulfillment. It doesn’t take long to derail your charmed life. Those who have all of their needs quickly and easily met understand the vigilance of faith.

The following points are necessary in order to attain and maintain the synchronicity of a charmed life.

  1. Never return to an ego stance. You are not the Creator and you have very little actual responsibility of when and where the events of your life occur. This is all written.
  2. Faith must be strong and genuine. You may speak and posture about faith but this will not do in the eyes of God. You must have actual faith which is more powerful than words. If your faith wanes, you must realign with your powerful belief in God and stop questioning what you had not questioned before.
  3. Release your control. Your life will flow gently to you without effort or pain. The chart has been written and your only obligation is to follow through.
  4. Ego will dissolve your closeness to God and spirit. The moment you begin to believe that your life is beautiful because of you alone, things will falter.
  5. Remain in the Light. Keep your thoughts and actions positive. Be loving and generous.
  6. Forgive yourself and others.
  7. Avoid rumor or gossip.
  8. Visualize love, harmony and bliss and these will all be yours.
  9. Lead others to God.
  10. Drop all of the baggage.
  11. Gain and maintain your alignment with God.
  12. Stay grounded, centered and full of Light.
  13. Cut any attachments to materialistic or ego-based things.
  14. Meditate and release any stress or blockages.
  15. Love is always the answer.

Think of your life as a well run play. Everything happens when and where it should and everyone enjoys themselves. There is little to be discussed because everything falls into place. Charmed. You, are the only one who may break the synchronicity. Do your best to stay out of your own way and maintain your faith!  Life will flow if you ALLOW.

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