The Bounty That Is You

We speak with you at every chance. We know how you feel and what you think. We exist to guide you throughout this lifetime and We support each experience along with you. It is Our goal to bring you into the Light. Many have been stymied by your human emotions. You have a difficult time releasing your belief that you are in control. Your ascension comes to you in the absence of control. You must surrender to God in order to fully explore His Kingdom.

Grief is the lack of faith in God.

“Your loved one is at HOME with Me. We honor them for every lesson learned and make preparations for a return to human life in order to complete what was left undone.”

Fear is the lack of faith in God.

“I stand with you at every turn. You are never alone and I understand you completely. Your task is to remain in the moment and make haste toward faith in times of fear. In truth, I have not left your side. Be assured that my arms are around you, keeping you safe.”

Worry is the lack of faith in God.

“All that you do is in concert with My awareness. Release what you do not control and count upon Me to manage the rest. This release will set you free and you may speak of your many needs directly to Me.”

Judgment is the lack of belief in God.

“No one may judge another. God is the ultimate guide and all actions and deeds are viewed in the context of learning and growth. Each of you have made mistakes and none of you shall be judged for it.”

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