My Higher Self

I will resist the urge to combat people who are confused, misinformed or mentally challenged.

Others have no influence over the direction in which my life is going. I follow the Light and need no other god above the one true God.

Someone may step on my toes and cause me pain and injury but I will not lash out to assault them in the same manner. I will offer understanding and forgiveness instead.

My only challenge is to be the best follower of Christ in this day and age.

I will offer my sympathy to those who suffer in vain. They know not what they do for they were forged from the same ill timber of their family.

I will watch my manner and be most pleasing to any and all others who cross my path. Pettiness is beneath me.

I have more room in my heart than anyone else I know.

I seek the answers to all questions through the eyeglass of Eternal Light.

I have boundless energy to do the work of God everywhere I go. My travels only serve to bring me more people to love and to heal.

I have abundance of time and money. This affords me plenty of time to spread my wings and discover the great mysteries of the world.

My tools are of the finest mettle. I do not stoop to find my direction and only seek the higher levels of all beings.

I have but one true boss and He sits upon the Cross. I pursue to find only Him when taking criticism of my behavior. I only hold myself to my higher purpose.

Each challenge is intended to prepare me for further strides to honor my Savior.

Challenge is only a word. My existence causes me to meet, fully comprehend, explore and assimilate the experience into my being.

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