The Road Untaken


We speak a lot about your chart, path and life being written. Today We want to talk about grief. The release of grief and accepting that life is charted is truly the road not taken. Many of you have immersed yourselves in longstanding grief over many years. Some of this grief was gained in your childhood. Perhaps you weren’t assisted to manage grief and process through it. Or, the adults or other role models in your life did not effectively manage grief either. You didn’t ask and no one said. This is truly a misfortune.

What are the most common reasons for holding onto grief? You feel a sadness and loss. Perhaps your loved one missed some important milestones by dying. You may rather think about what they could have done or might have been. You may also see the elders or other loved ones in your life still missing the departed person each day.

The truth is so far from the norm and so much more meaningful. They left exactly when they were supposed to. Your grief is actually your own sorrow. Your loved one served their purpose and crossed over when they were done. This was the contract that they had written with everyone involved.

Grief is misplaced. Those of us in spirit actually celebrate death. You are coming back Home. You have completed your chart and We wish to greet you and sit in communion with you.

Even those who have died may experience their own grief. This is also misplaced. They may have had a lower energy life and do not understand the transition as something positive. They may also miss their loved ones in life and regret things that they had not done. The truth is always that this Earth life is merely a school to become enlightened and complete previously written contracts with others. This gets done and you have no choice but to return Home. To stay in negative, gray or darker levels of being will do you, as a spirit, no good.

The celebration is shared by all. You meet with guides and loved ones to review your life and understand what was accomplished. Mistakes have been made but that is true of everyone. Even those who have nearly reached their higher self have had things missed or incomplete. There is no judgment, only love.

It may seem heartless for you to go about your life after losing a loved one but this is not our recommendation. It is more appropriate to honor them and be thankful for the life that they had lived. Remember them throughout the year and send them your love, always. Completing your chart deserves some respect and appreciation. They have not gone far and you will see them again soon.

Remember that your loved one may not have been wrapped in the Light during their life. They may have died and did not seek the higher levels of Heaven. They may have also chosen to remain here on Earth which would make them an earthbound spirit or ghost. If they share thoughts of loss, regret, depression, grief or even anger, they have not gone toward the Light. It is this disillusioned soul that would wish for you to suffer with grief. At this point you must consider the source and have mercy for their soul. Had they sought the Light and perhaps communion with Jesus, Angels, Guides and God, they would never direct you to wallow in thoughts of grief and loss. It is up to you to find the true meaning of their life in spirit.

Surround them in White Light and ask God to bring them Home. If they still choose not to, this is something that is out of your control. Release your tendency to grieve and understand the purpose for your own experience.

Life is a series of accomplishments. Keep moving forward and feel blessed to be making progress. Negative thinking such as grief does not add to a life for God and will actually make you lose spiritual ground. Positive, hopeful, optimistic, caring and understanding are all avenues to take in order to find your purpose in the Light.

Each day and every moment is an experience that must be celebrated. You have managed many challenges and you still know to find God in all of it. This is a successful life. Each of you are having one right now. There are no downsides if you have the right perspective.

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