Unsubstantiated Fear

We do Our best to answer your concerns. Some readers have a fear about possession and feel that perhaps this time of year will leave them vulnerable to it. None of Our current followers of this blog have been possessed or will be possessed. It is not that common.

Are you somehow involved in the dark arts? Do you abuse drugs and alcohol? Are you ghost hunting without being fully trained or in the presence of someone who is? Are you open to dark and fantastical events? Even if you have said yes to any of these things your chances of being possessed are still rare.

Do your protection exercises each day and stay in positive places. Get grounded and remain that way. Cleanse and clear your entire being and remain full of White Light.

Possession tends to happen when someone is seeking that type of event. Some people seek the darkness and feel empowered by ghosts or malevolent spirits. Much of their “power” is in their own mind but they feel some type of rush from feeling enclosed in darkness. No one that reads Our posts fits into this category. You may have a fleeting interest in some darker topics but staying in the Light of God is recommended.

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