Feeling Vulnerable?

Far too many people are feeling vulnerable or at risk from wandering spirits at this time of year. Our purpose is to educate you but not scare you. If this is your first year being aware of a thin veil during October and the first part of November why are you more at risk now that you know? Has anything happened the previous years? Have you been haunted before in October? Have you experienced an obscene amount of spirit activity in past years? The mere fact that you now know that the veil is thin seems to be encouraging you to feel haunted. This is provided as information only. There is no dire prediction about you being greeted and pestered by ghosts. There is a better chance of spirit contact but you will still have full control of all of your faculties. You are as safe as you normally would be.

Please do not overwhelm yourself. All continues to be well and you are in constant contact with your own personal guides. They do a great job of keeping you protected all year round.

Lets focus upon some positive ways to celebrate your Autumn.

  1. Think about your departed loved one that you dearly miss. Think loving thoughts about them and send them an “I love you!”
  2. Remember many wonderful and loving times with your childhood family. This is a time of remembrance and your still living family may enjoy being appreciated.
  3. Have some fun-filled times with your own family now. Fall is a beautiful time to go for walks, a hay ride, a trip to see the fall foliage, look for the perfect pumpkin… Make some loving memories.
  4. Remember loving times with your departed loved ones. Look at a picture of them and think loving thoughts. Even in death it is recommended to say a prayer for them. They still have goals to achieve and learning to do and a prayer boost from you may help them along.
  5. Turn inward. Be thankful for everything that you have. You may actually realize that you truly have everything that you need and thoughts about contentment are possible.
  6. The colder weather is coming and you may make your home and yard ready. Include your children and make some lasting traditions. Bring out the sweaters and rake some leaves. Have an apple cider and hold them close.
  7. As your family adds another generation make time to love and appreciate everyone. Tell your children stories of their older family members at this time of year. Give them memories to replay as they add another generation themselves. How will the youth know their Aunts, Uncles and distant cousins if they don’t hear the stories from you?
  8. Take some time to be quiet and thoughtful. Watch the wind make some colorful leaves dance and think about your plans for the upcoming holidays. Be grounded. Be still. Allow some time to connect with God and accept the loving energy that surrounds you.
  9. Pray for your family and friends. Pray for growth and healing. Pray for peace. Pray for any event that has caught your attention. Accept that you can make a difference by sending love into the world.
  10. Set some goals of faith. Find comfort with God and make more room for love and acceptance. Find the stillness inside of you that comes with knowing you are “of God.” Send that appreciation forward and make changes to become the Light Worker that you came here to be. Love in your thoughts brings more love into your home and heart.

Forget your concerns about ghosts and ghouls. Focus more thoughts about loved ones who may be near. What We teach you is intended to open your mind to possibilities. You always have the time to speak to loved ones who have crossed over. Tell them you love them. Remember the best of times and try to forgive the worst. Each of you only do the best that you can at the time. Perhaps they have matured and found faith. They may be ready to embrace you once again. You may each look upon the other and have more understanding. This is a good time to find that peace with each other. It is truly never too late.

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