Energy at Work

Spirit is able to manipulate our belongings by focusing energy. They may push or nudge something by focusing their energy into a palpable wave. They focus on the near edge of the object and push their built up energy edge to move the item away from them like the bristles of a push broom. In this manner they may push photos off of a mantle, coins off the kitchen counter or a towel off of the hook in the bathroom. This is a lower level feat for them.

They do have their own energy but they may also gather some from you and your family members. Perhaps even your pet. Once they gather the energy they put it to use. Imagine the amount of energy they would need to appear in physical form!

Manipulating objects, electronics, radio signals, your senses… is a learned behavior. The longer they have been in spirit they have to make an effort to learn to push and nudge. Or, they may be new to spirit and their physical connection is still pretty good. Either way they must want to make a physical impact upon the living. It takes concentration and focus for them.

Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye, a shadow in the stairwell or actual movement of an object is something that they have learned and is their preferred way of communicating with you. You may also smell their cologne, favorite flower scent or cigarette smoke. They may “sit” on your bed, brush your hair aside, whisper in your ear or bring you a chill with cold air. The sensation that they use may provide some clues to their identity. This is a mid-level feat for them.

Many people have experienced spirit moving objects from one location to another. This may actually happen and spirit would be able to fully hold an object and transport it or move the object through mental manipulation like teleportation. This may astound you but each being both here and on the Other Side have many more abilities than you make use of.

As humans, Mother Teresa had been known to be in two places at one time, astral projection is real and remote healing is more common than you may comprehend. These activities are highly specialized but possible for humans. Spirit is more capable because they are unencumbered by a physical body.

Another high level feat for spirit is the full body apparition. Spirit has been known to appear in solid form and speak or interact. Most may do this for very short intervals but some may be able to sustain a more solid state for a longer period of time. This has to be an activity that they focus upon intently and practice.

What may happen quite often is that they appear in an alternate plane overlapping ours and sensitive people may be able to see and hear them. In fact, many pets are able to see/hear/interact with them. Any of the senses may be impacted by spirit upon someone who is sensitive to this energy.  Getting a psychic reading, automatic writing, channeling, tarot reading or other form of message from spirit occur when the reader is able to sense the spirit. Some or all of the senses may play a part. People actually feel more assured when the reader is able to describe their loved one, give them their name and some identifying characteristics.

It has also happened that spirit, angels or other higher level guides have saved or rescued people from fire, an auto accident, a severe medical illness/condition or other traumatic events. People who have experienced this will firmly believe that someone was actually there as they were lifted, pulled, carried or brought back from the Other Side. This is obviously a heightened spiritual state to interact with the physical world to this extent. Many people believe they may have had a human Good Samaritan who intervened and then left the scene. Some acknowledge a presence of a departed family member or heavenly being. Others may believe their rescue/cure was a miracle and resist any further description. In these instances, spirit was able to help because they could. Their intervention did not alter your chart or cause unintended consequences. Perhaps it was a true accident or an unintended illness and it was not the person’s time to die.

This is a brief explanation of spirit impacting the physical world. Please ask questions or request further explanation if you wish. We are here to teach you and guide you closer to God. It is Our intent to give you as much practical information as you desire.

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