The Veil Is Thin

We post every year about the thinning veil at this time. The end of this month is traditionally a time of remembrance. In many earlier cultures this honoring of the dead coincides with the end of October and  November 1st, which used to be the new year. We go from the fall harvest to the chill of Winter. The thinning of the veil brings thoughts of departed loved ones foremost in people’s minds. If you are thinking about them, perhaps, they are thinking about you.

Many of the Halloween practices began with primitive cultures attempting to explain an increase in spirit activity. Things go bump in the night and they need a way to explain it. Now that we are more advanced we are more aware of the thinner veil to explain some of the ghost activity.

Thoughts of departed loved ones may bring them near. They have busy lives on the other side but the upcoming holidays and the ease of travel through the veil brings greater chances of your loved ones visiting you. The downside is that ghosts also have an easier time commuting through the veil and mayhem may ensue.

Departed loved ones have many talents developed in order to let you know they are here. They are very good with electronics such as door bells, telephones, radios and even your washing machine. They may also drop coins where you will find them or move your house keys to another spot. It would be safe to assume that the more gentle natured the “trick” is, the more likely it is your departed loved ones. If the event damages something or causes something too frightening, it is likely a ghost.

Loved ones will ring the phone, jingle the doorknob, flicker a light… They love you and want you to know that they are checking in on you. If they wish to be more obvious regarding their identity, they may unsettle a photo of themselves, drop their inherited keepsake on the floor or give you a wisp of their favorite perfume. Try to keep your experiences in perspective. If it is lighthearted, stay calm and see if you can figure out who is saying hello. This may be a good time to remind them just how much you love and miss them.

During this time it is a good idea to perform some protection exercises during the day. Use White Light, a cloak of gold, a white bubble… Keep it up and feel more secure. If your loved one is in Heaven and in the presence of God, they will still be able to communicate with you because they are also “of the Light.” The darker beings who cannot travel through White or gold will not be able to impact you if you keep your protection strong.

Also be reminded that the traditions of Halloween are deeply rooted in primitive cultures. Many began as a way to honor the dead, celebrate the crops, offer gifts to deities or prepare for Winter. Any darker connotations may not have been initially involved and it is perfectly fine if you do not participate.

This is a time of heightened spirit energy, the giving of appreciation for crops and other livelihoods and preparing for cold weather. Keep what traditions resonate with you and leave the rest. This is as it was intended.

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