What Is It Like?

Every reading I do for you is initiated by you. I have too many people reading these posts in order for me to single anyone out and it is unethical for me to solicit your attention. So the idea has to be yours. Likely, it has taken some time for you to work up the nerve to actually request a reading but that is ok. Your beloved family members will wait.

Once you have approached me via Gmail, your loved ones will begin to accumulate in my area. Usually I get one significant source. I have included in my posts many times not to sage grandma out of the house and this is because most often it is grandma who comes through.

It could be from either side of the family. Many people say, “but I was much closer to…” this matters little in spirit. The person who steps forward is the one who is closest to you at the time and you may have never actually met them in person. Many people are disappointed if the spirit is from a few generations back. They would prefer someone who they knew in life. This matters little to spirit, the one with the most emotion and invested time with you will be the one most likely front and center. Please be courteous. They obviously have a great deal of love for you and their time must be appreciated.

So once I get the email, someone will step forward. This is definitely a communication. I may email with you a few different times in order to get the full message delivered. I don’t mind. If you have more questions, please email me back. You are not a bother and I don’t consider my time wasted.

Sometimes there is some confusion. A “daughter” energy may actually be a niece. A “father” energy may be a mentor. I may get some of the particulars wrong but with some back and forth we will usually narrow it down.

For some reason there is a lot of anger. You only want to hear what you want to hear. You NEED answers and I am being too general and non-specific. In fact, you may get offended. Spirit is very blunt and so am I. If you are wasting your time dating a loser, you will be told. No, you can’t fix them and no, Mr. Wonderful does not exist. This makes some people angry. I get a lot of anger directed at me?!!! I have to remind people that I am the messenger. I don’t know you, have never or will ever meet you, and I could fall over you and still not know who you are. It is not personal from me.

I think much of the problem is that you get the answers that spirit wants you to hear. You may ask about your new job and they want you to move to a safer neighborhood. You have neglected your health and they will state this, bluntly. You must stop abusing drugs and alcohol… stop dating abusive people… be THE better parent… forgive your mother… stop cheating… No one wants to hear this in life and you certainly don’t want to hear it from someone in death. All you want are the Lotto numbers and where is Mr./Mrs. Right. You want them to keep the spiritual stuff to themselves. This isn’t the way it works.

Most people close the door on me. They are not satisfied with the answers they are receiving or they don’t want to do the work. Most often I hear from women who want love. They close the door as soon as they find out that they have to choose someone who will grow with them and is not perfectly packaged right away. The door slams shut! I can almost hear the rattle, then crickets. I also lose people if I can’t come up with specific names. If I cannot identify their grandmother from 3 generations back then they are done with me! Doors closed.

I am not perfect and never profess to be. No psychic is. I may not get the name but I will give you the smell of a pipe and a long gray overcoat. Or, I may have the name but you lack enough memories of them to make it meaningful. Just relax. Accept the message with love and realize that the specifics may take some work. Another thing that happens is with the pressure of getting these messages you may forget some of the information about the person. You may insist that it isn’t grandpa ____ but then later, when you are more relaxed, oh it was grandpa after all.

Just remember that it is a conversation. They are not magically knowledgeable now that they are in spirit. They still have the same attitudes and opinions that they had in life.  Just because they are in spirit doesn’t mean that they are enlightened. Please don’t take their advise if it doesn’t resonate with you. If they didn’t like your spouse in life they probably still won’t like them now. If they mishandled money here, they will still give you the same bad advice now. Just be cautious.


My mother crossed over more than 10 years ago and she is just now feeling more at peace. Before now she still wanted to tell me what to do and she was wrong, just like in life. Your loved ones may evolve but give them some time but only if they want to. No one has to change. They may continue with their negative and limited thinking forever. Just be ready to recognize this. Have a nice visit but keep the good advice coming from someone who has good advice.

Ours lives are a process. You must navigate part of it on your own and then part of it with some help. Losing a loved one is never forever. They are here and they do want to tell you how much they love you. They also hang around my home and office waiting for me to respond to your email. Someone in spirit is sitting in my office chair looking at me and waiting patiently. I have promised him that I will continue to follow-up as long as no one shuts the door on me! He has agreed.


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