Radio Silence

Yes, it sure has been quiet around here. I have gone through an upgrade and things have been complicated.

I have had some spirit visitors and they have been very active and insisting upon being recognized. They have approached me here at work and at home. I am hoping that things will settle down again soon.

I do have some added depth and vibrancy to my abilities. I appreciate and sincerely approve of the update but it is my own human weakness that has caused me so long to actually adapt to everything and put it to good use. I am persistent though and I really am excited to be new and improved.

It was likely the Full Blood Moon and the lunar eclipse. I did ask for “more” and “better” so it is up to me to be productive again.

I send you my love. I know that spirit is excited and anxious to speak to you. I will gladly be the messenger, as always.


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