Cosmic Mayhem

What will we do this weekend when there is a Super Blood Moon on Saturday and a lunar eclipse on Sunday? Whatever you wish. You will likely feel stuck, as if there is very little air movement around you. This is what you feel like when such powerful pressure comes from above the earth and pushes down upon you.

You may use this time to set some goals, release unnecessary emotions, find forgiveness and jettison your dreams closer to fruition. Will these actions be easy? No. You will have to purposefully rise above the pressure, open up your mind and be receptive to change. Hunkering down will not accomplish anything.

Change makes many people nervous. Subconsciously you tend to reverse changes and return your normal level of functioning. Nothing gets accomplished even though you insist that you want this… need that… wish for …! You are often your own worst advocate. There is nothing unusual about resisting change but you will need to make amends to this state of being in order to accept better, more wonderful and divine.

We have experienced a settling of your emotions. Our last 2 posts were exceptionally hurtful. It brings up raw emotion when We identify some of your lower thinking. This is also an area where change is needed. No one is a bad person. You simply have grown up around people who have imparted their expectations upon you. Being a part of a family system, a circle of friends and a community has impacted your beliefs. We are trying to pull you out of some of your flawed thinking. This is happening gently. We find you accept Us more openly if We temper Our guidance with Our devotion to you. We do not judge and you are always perfect to Us. This is Our attempt to embrace you, rock you gently and speak words of encouragement to you. Every message is delivered with love.

Be positive and proactive. Set some goals for this weekend and be persistent in your efforts to utilize the intense cosmic energy we are experiencing. Release your tension and lower your walls. When you find yourself braced for impact, remember that you are not literally getting pummeled. Using the wave is much easier than walking against it.

Remember to breathe. Collecting and donning your armor is not the best way to find God.

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