Some Clarification

We do love you enough to stand beside you as you make your own decisions. You have every right to follow your heart or your mind. We will guide you to follow your soul. Is there a difference? Yes.

Your heart responds to contentment and appreciation. You may trust many people because they know how to play your emotions. They may seem docile or trusting so you step forward to accept them without judgment. Where they take you is their business. You have followed your heart and may be disappointed time and time again. You may defend them. They certainly deserve yet more chances. You have adapted more of a parenting role and they seek security in your space. It isn’t always real. Sometimes it is a version of reality that you enjoy being a part of.

Your mind wants to focus upon logic and problem solving. You think about things and make decisions based upon your experiences, learning and possibly the opinions of others. This is also flawed because without your emotion and sense of grace, God may not be present in your decisions. Even religious or spiritual beliefs may be overwrought with thinking and logic. Some people find certain religions as comforting because they are very strict and easily defined. There isn’t a lot of leeway. If one makes better decisions with rules and guidelines, this is possible whether you are spiritual or scientific.

Being at peace in your soul is by far the best way to manage life. Use your heart, mind and soul in every experience. Do not completely follow either your heart or your mind but take them both into consideration. Why is it ok to make mistakes? Because that is how you learn.

We have spent every day beside you. You may have left your path many years ago but We still are here for you. It is not our place to demand certain behavior from you. This is not Our way. We love and accept you with all of your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Our place is to guide. You may be very far to the right or left, but We do not judge. Every experience has been included in who you are at this moment. Did you make progress? Did you make the best decisions? Perhaps not but you are human and We live to serve you.

Even if you avoid your path for the rest of your life and only seek God on your death-bed, We still will be there with you. The process of teaching you is lengthy but valuable. Patience is Our best attribute.

Be certain that your life decisions are completely yours to make. It matters not that you make decisions about divorce, gay marriage, abortion, immigrants, war, health care, the legal system… We support you and remain beside you. It is Our hope to further guide you. Every step you make, We match. We hope to bring moderation and consideration to your thinking. God is rarely too far right or left. God is in the spaces in between.

We believe that you are looking for God. We understand that your current life has been a process. We know that you have come to certain thinking because of the experiences that you have endured. Finding God takes time. The first step is to accept God completely. Then hereafter, learn what it is to be God in human form. Evaluate some of your thoughts and opinions and shift them closer to what God truly is. There is always moderation. There are no barbs or rough edges. Become objective and empathetic. Avoid judgment. Offer love. Find forgiveness.

Stand upon the stage of any political agenda. Speak out against what you find wrong or what needs to change. Challenge the establishment. Then take these experiences, learn, grow and align more closely with God.

God would not throw anyone away. Whether one is gay, foreign, uneducated, speaks a different language, practices an unfamiliar religion, has a different color skin or votes for an opposing political party, God would still not throw them away. If you are defiant of this truth, We will stand beside you and guide you closer to grace. This is how much We love you.

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