Why It Matters

Bringing back all the pieces of your soul is how you move forward in grace and become your genuine self. You spend a lot of time listening to things outside of yourself. Much of what is in the news is intentionally inflated. Others want to tug on your emotions and bring you into alignment with their agenda. How much of your day do you spend following someone else’s ideas?

This matters because you will not find your genuine self by following someone else’s path. It may look attractive or even profitable but, it still isn’t yours. Being grounded and centered is essential to aligning with God and spirit. Collecting and polishing your own soul will bring about some life changing directions that you want and need. Your chart is your responsibility. No one else will take as much time to ponder and embrace your life goals.

Bringing yourself back into alignment will bring expected life experiences to you. You may very well rejoin your chart and make progress for God. Stress, upheaval and conflict touches you when you are not on your path. It seems difficult because it is. Taking steps that are not your own is like fighting a strong current. You are going uphill instead of downhill. Your life of fate, synchronicity and self-actualization has been replaced with following someone else’s drum.

Life matters. You have experiences to relish and contracts with others to complete. What seems attractive to you may actually be part of the hype of materialism, prejudice and popularity. This is not where you belong. Connecting with your true self-will bring more value and completion to your life. All of those loose ends are not actually important after all.

Where do you find yourself? In the calm, serene stillness. Rhetoric is distracting and artificial. This is a time of intense American politics. You show interest and have expectations. Even if you will not vote or do not hold politics in high regard, this is still an expectation. Why bring this up now? Because it is very difficult to find God in politics.

Some candidates profess to believe in and promote God. This is not actually true. Why? Because everyone has made decisions about what they find spiritually accurate. One may align with some values and yet be completely off the mark in other religious beliefs. They modify their stance to increase their popularity. Money has a lot to do with who is successful in politics and who isn’t.

This arena is an excellent example of what not to do. We ask for you to follow God and spiritual teachings. We don’t use the word religion because even that brings about expectations. View your own life as a series of sampling. Find value in other belief systems and test them to fit with your soul or not. No one direction will answer all of your questions. Organized religions are much like political parties. The platform has been developed over time and is intended to give your life rules to follow. Your life has been orchestrated thus far. Even religious freedom has rules.

Prepare to make your life matter. Open your mind and allow many genuine and supportive beliefs to enter. Resist any urge to simply “follow.” We want your faith to be individually tailored to you. Keep what aligns within your soul and release what doesn’t. Your current beliefs will change over time. Maturity lends itself to self-actualization quite well. As you age and become more flexible, certain thinking begins to make more sense. Being able to allow others to find their own truth is a goal of your life. Even you need to avoid dogma.

We guide you and provide direction. You are free to decide what you hold to be true and what does not resonate with your current self. This is true love. We love you so much that your happiness is our happiness. Once you have found this to be true then you must also give this same gift to those you love.

Be the objective observer. Sit back and find life interesting and fluid. View politics as a means to govern society and NOT a means to bring religion to everyone. Even the most outspoken religious candidate has to pay the bills. They respond to their handlers, public opinion and party leaders. Their belief system is for sale and cannot be trusted.

Why would spirit get into politics? Because We wish for you to follow your soul. Government is necessary but your enlightenment is infinitely more important. There is no marriage between your soul and politics. Allow them to remain separate.

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