Soul Retreival, Originally Posted Aug. 2013

Many of you have memories from past lives which continue to influence this current life. You may even have memories of life on the Other Side and this may also impact how you feel now. Imagine living in paradise and having more love, companionship and learning than you ever thought possible. Then here you are; tired, depressed, dealing with a heat wave or a raging forest fire. Battling substances, abuse, petty and irritable issues. You may feel out-of-place or functioning on a different level than what everyone else seems to be experiencing. This constant disconnect wears on your coping skills. Things just always seem a little bit off.

We will begin to help you heal. We will include some ways to help lessen your unintended interruption in good health and healing. We often ask people to perform a soul retrieval exercise. You may look this up online or find it in many different books. It is a process of achieving a meditative state and working through the times in your life when you lost a portion of your soul. You either gave it up due to strong emotions or empathizing with someone or it fractured on its own due to extreme turmoil, stress or loss.

There have been times when you gave it to someone out of love, commitment or a shared extreme positive occurrence. The birth of a child may press you to send part of you along with that child throughout their life. Marriage or committal may have been so emotionally inspiring that you gave that person part of your soul. Or perhaps a loved one battling and beating cancer. You aligned with them and their strength and perseverance caused you to leave part of your soul with them. None of these instances are bad things but you will suffer from the fractures in your soul.

Imagine a wheel attempting to roll naturally. Then the gaps or missing treads cause the smoothness of the roll to become rough and less effective. Then, the more fractures that occur, the wheel may be unable to roll at all. This is what happens to your soul when too many portions of it have been removed.

Don’t worry about your loved ones or other people who you have felt strongly about will suffer in some way because you take back the piece of your soul. This is very inaccurate. They have their own soul and your piece is not necessary to them. The less accumulated baggage that they have, the better.

Then, there are those traumatic times when you left part of your soul in response to a traumatic event. Perhaps you were raped. This makes sense that part of you may remain at that point in time or even at that site where it occurred. Maybe you lost someone to a traumatic accident. Again, it is reasonable to accept that part of you “was lost” at that time. Or, you suffered a miscarriage and part of your soul remained with that unborn child.

These are not bad reasons to have lost part of you. It is completely understandable. We ask that you retrieve those pieces and allow yourself the full possibility to heal and prosper. Your success in life depends upon your ability to function well. Imagine no more fractures in your being, no more stored negative energy and no more residual trauma to block your energy from flowing.

This is physical, spiritual and emotional health. This is how you achieve all of your life goals and make progress toward your ascension. No harm will come to you or any loved one when you reassemble your soul. This is what they would want for you and for themselves. This is a gift from us and from God.

We will assist you. Reach a deep meditative state. Imagine your soul in your solar plexus. We have referred to this as your God Center. Imagine a bright golden light. Make it brighter and more intense. Raise the intensity until it is difficult to look directly at it. Now say a prayer and ask God, Jesus, Archangels, Angels and spirit guides to bring all of your soul pieces back to you. Remain in that state. Breathe deeply and steadily. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your Heavenly Hosts to complete this task. Remember to give them permission.

Once your soul is complete again, spin it clockwise, naturally and steadily. Smooth out any irritated or trouble areas. Make it smooth and crystal clear. Then, pump up the intensity of the golden light. Envision your soul as complete, perfect and brighter than any star.

Pray for your guides and other loved ones to remove any dark or negative areas from your entire being. Envision yourself glowing with the Light of God. Ask to be grounded, centered, cleansed and cleared. Ask for this continued state of perfection to remain even after you have regained your full consciousness.

Surround yourself in White Light and ask for protection from any dark or lower energies and go about your day!

Accept this gift from our hearts. We love you as much as we love ourselves. God Bless.

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