What Is Happiness?


This may be the best possible time for you to decide what makes you happy. Maybe you are not sure what to look for or even what it feels like. We all have varying states of being that make us smile and feel joyous. We would like to expand upon this list for all of you. We would like to include happiness as becoming evolved and coping effectively with life’s stressors. Increasing the parameters of what you find joyful will increase your overall satisfaction in life. You will hopefully find more cause to smile and be content with how well you are living your life in general; bumps, bruises and all else.

  1. Who do you turn to when life seems to be an endless struggle? Would it be a tense and easily agitated person or someone more mellow and reassuring? Perhaps this is the first time you have thought this through. Maybe up to this point in life your go-to person may have been someone who gets ramped up with stress right along beside you. You may have preferred someone to be called to arms and storm the tower with you.  Our perspective would be to guide you to the grounded, spiritually versed support person who would rather help you relieve your upset instead of add to it. You would miss your rally buddy but in time your shift to acceptance and understanding will feel more secure and mature. Less conflict, more happiness.
  2. Who are you always mad at? This may also be the first time you have had to answer this question. You have at least one person who never fails to frustrate and anger you. The more of these people you have the less happiness you enjoy. We would like to ask, “Is it really everyone else?” If you have chalked up 2, 3 or 4 people to be angry with all the time, you may be promoting your own dissatisfaction with life. Stop and consider why they make you angry and see if there is a better way to approach each person. Your responses represent your own coping skills and maturity. Getting upset with someone without fail does nothing but make you look petty and indiscriminate. You have not reached a level of maturity which would serve you better. Make a list of reasons why so-and-so upsets you. How much of these are YOU able to change in order to grow closer to God and offer unconditional acceptance? Being conditioned to be frustrated with someone demeans your existence. Increasing your universal acceptance and forgiveness increases your happiness.
  3. How much of your displeasure with life is from stored emotions that no longer have a purpose? Much of your human pain was first developed in childhood. This is an odd time to start gathering painful memories since, as a child, you didn’t have the emotional maturity to discriminate between actual hurtful events and childlike irrational memories. It is best for you to set all of these painful times aside. There are no good outcomes for your insistence upon clinging to childhood pain. In reality, no one probably intended to hurt you as much as you believed that they did. Many of their mistakes were from immaturity or impulsiveness. Everyone, including you, makes mistakes. Please do what you can in order to place your injuries in perspective. Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for the person who you are forgiving. If you are unable to forgive, at least release the pent-up pain so that you may be reborn, just as Christ has done. Your soul needs to be cleansed and room made for your growing faith. You, as a child, were not in a position to decide how much you will hurt over what type of injury you sustained. Releasing unnecessary pain increases happiness.

This is certainly not the whole list of changes to make in order to increase your happiness. This is but a start and We will revisit this subject again.

Your life will unfold into complete joy when you learn to release anything that is NOT derived from your faith in God. Pain, turmoil, grudges, and competition are intended to be released. Raising your vibration and finding forgiveness for all others is what you must seek and hold. Each step during each day is what your joy is built upon. Understanding that you are stronger for your experiences vastly outweighs your need to keep score and possibly seek vengeance. Walk in the ways of God and find your soul fully evolved and in awe of the Universe.

God’s Will is the only path to be followed. By living genuinely, your faith will float you above all lesser energy, including your own.

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