Cast Away

Cast off everything that makes you sad or sorrowful. Much of these are your way of feeling like you have made a mistake or you are misunderstood. It is your perspective about these events that has taken a down turn. Rather than looking at life’s experiences as lessons to be learned or new directions to take, you see them as negative. We have tried to convince you that your life is charted and you expected to learn certain lessons. What you hadn’t learned in a past life you wanted to learn it now. This or perhaps you learned the lesson but not in great detail and now you wish to become more versed in it.

We will use an analogy to help. Think about being in the girl/boy scouts. There are rules and expectations. You join and then progress through the program. Each task is given to you and you earn a badge for having experienced it and having done well enough to be considered proficient at it. Over time you display your badges on a sash and people in the know would be able to readily see what you have accomplished. Some people go beyond and excel in accomplishments and become an Eagle Scout.

So now in your life, you have tasks assigned to you as well. You go through the experience and respond in any number of ways. The longer you have to deal with this task, your responses may change. You may become more relaxed and assimilate this experience into the fabric of your life. You may also assist others who are going through the same experience in order to benefit their life. After time you may become wise about experiencing and assisting others with this same task. You effectively cope and mature. Faith is developed and you understand that you are able to go through this same type of event and cope well. You have grown in maturity and may be sought out by others who need your understanding. You earned your badge.

Then it may be the complete opposite. You may not cope with a task or experience. You respond by becoming sullen and irritable. You resist any amount of maturity in this area and share negative advice and direction to others who seek your input. You may store this pain, frustration and anger inside and develop an unhealthy block or barrier. Every time you think of this experience you feel stressed and perhaps ill. Just thinking about it makes your head hurt, cause back pain, tense shoulders, indigestion, an arthritis flare up, becoming accident prone… You may also project your frustration outward by being irritable, judgmental and demanding.

Think of any event that you are currently dealing with. Do you see yourself on the scale from “coping with faith” all the way to “making yourself sick”? Have you had this same experience in the past? Are you coping better this time?

What God finds important is that you find more faith and resilience. To view your life experiences as lessons to be learned from and not the doom of your life. Some things are very challenging. It is expected that you may be stalled at first and then gain your strength soon after. Each experience is specifically planned. Perhaps you resist coping with a certain event. The next time you experience this same type of event, do your best to be more productive. Then if it happens again, stand firm in faith and thank God for the experience. Be humble and acknowledge the Universe at work and the successful completion of your chart.

This life is intended to be dealt with from the inside out. Age, mature, strategize, build your faith and then turn outward to benefit the world from your positive perspective. Put in these terms it doesn’t sound so overwhelming. You begin young and make progress toward helping your family, friends and community. Earning some important badges.

What happens when difficult lessons come at the same time or very close together? You either haven’t dealt with a specific event and it is still in your current stressors or you charted some powerful lessons to be completed under duress. Either way it isn’t intended to undo you. People always say that God never gives you more than you can handle. This is true. All of life is manageable. Several stressful events together are also manageable. Unpleasant, but manageable. Why? Because in time, you will realize that this Earth life is not your real state of being. Your true being is in spirit on the Other Side.

It may be true that you wrote a difficult chart. Sometimes you chart a difficult childhood and improved young adulthood and mature years. Or, you chart a storybook childhood then more stress as you age. Or, you may chart the troubled times in the middle. You do this so that your entire life is not challenging. If you charted no breaks in the difficult lessons, you may find yourself depressed and despondent with no relief in sight.

You may also feel like your life is unfairly hard because you have not coped effectively with your life stressors up to this point. You may age and still allow your childhood troubles to effect your current life. This is not ideal. You may also have allowed your childhood, young adult and middle age issues to linger as well. Your life is hard because you have not done the work. Each lesson was intended to be met, dealt with, resolved and included in the fabric of your life. Keeping your issues past their original time frame adds to your ongoing displeasure. YOU have not allowed yourself the relief that comes with effective coping. You are missing a lot of badges.

The more complicated charts are usually written by those who are higher evolved. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, childhood cancers… are written by people who have a higher vibration. Someone who is born deaf and mute is an evolved individual who charted difficult lessons for friends and family. Also, someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease has charted some tough lessons for loved ones as well. These individuals are the Eagle Scouts of the Universe. At any age or as a result of any illness, disease or accident, someone may become completely dependent upon their loved ones. These are tough lessons for both parties.

Placing this in perspective is important. You were there for this chart to be developed. You agreed to be the child, spouse, caregiver, best friend… of someone whose existence is seriously impacting your own life. Your guides and God would not have approved this chart for you if you were not capable of completing it. Again, you are never given more than you can handle, literally.

This perspective may give you a chance to begin again. Place all stressful events and experiences into perspective and earn your badge. Build upon life and earn more recognition in advanced skills. Your sash may be covered in badges and your inner strength grows. Each life lesson is an accomplishment and will build up to more important and possibly more difficult ones. Cope, resolve and include each lesson into the fabric of your life. This is success. This is how people of faith manage life and still find God in and among everything else.

Live your life from the inside out. Resolve your inner turmoil and then project your strength outward. Place your life’s work in perspective. One task at a time. One life-skills badge at a time.

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