Sympathy, Empathy and Objectivity

Next on your path to enlightenment is your ability to see all situations, events and circumstances from the view of those involved. We wish to decrease your tendency to judge people. If you have understanding for people going through some life situations, you will benefit from their experiences as well. We have often said that you are here to teach and to learn. The same is true of all others. How will you learn from the impact that others have on your life if you do not share their perspective? You would walk through life as if you are window shopping. Keeping shared experiences at a distance will do little to benefit you.

God is the utmost being practicing sympathy, empathy and objectivity. You are here to “experience for God.” The Creator of all life is able to feel your love and emotion as you do. There is no judgment there. Even if you have made some mistakes or harmed others, you still are able to ask for redemption. This is a comforting feeling for all of you.

Now, We remind you that you are God in human form. You are fully capable of being sympathetic, empathetic and objective. You may view the lives of others without any hint of judgment or disapproval. You truly don’t live your life void of any interaction with others. There would be no point to this.

The best approach will be to systematically remove your lower emotions toward others and replace them with feelings of benevolence and acceptance. This is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. With Our guidance We will walk you through the steps. This will feel like identifying some tendencies to judge others and cutting this habit out of your daily life.

You have been treated with these same considerations. Think about having lived your life without anyone to support or understand you. No one to pick you up and brush you off after a fall. No one to hold you when you cry. Each of you have had this type of protective person in your life whether it was a parent, grandparent, a favorite teacher, a cousin. a sibling… Imagine life without such understanding. This is far too stark and uncaring to be your human life in all of God’s Creation. Why would you view others with such indifference? Put yourself in their place and be touched by their struggle and how it has impacted their ability to grow and prosper.

Is there any difference between this person who may be suffering and you? No. They are merely at that point in their chart when everything seems to be working against them. You had such a point in your life as well. You may still have more to experience with these same feelings of hopelessness. Do they deserve less love and understanding than you? No.

Let us begin to pray. Let us ask for they ability to understand and accept that others in our lives need God. They need to be understood and accepted for who they are and what they are going through. You must ask for sympathy, empathy and objectivity to guide your reactions. This perfect being is in pain and feeling misunderstood. They believe that no one wants to know their feelings or thoughts on their life. It feels like no one gets them. Send love. Send angels. Send guides. Release your need to judge and instead embrace them with God’s Light.

Do you need to approach them and offer your thoughts? No. This may be about your soul and your ability to be more loving and supportive. This will be done in steps, as We have said. If it not your comfort level to approach those in need, that is ok. At some point through experience and maturity you may wish to become more involved but for now We will focus upon the Light in your life. Cleanse your being and accept that no one deserves your judgment just as God does not judge you.

At this point it is important for you to be grounded and enlightened through meditation. Cut all the cords that bind you to lower emotions and negative thinking. Remember that thoughts are real. the Law of Attraction will respond to your tendency to diminish or judge another. Your ability to raise your vibration and reach your higher self will be impacted by your thoughts against others. It is also important to forgive. This will also cut some of your ties to lower thinking. Let it go. Let things be. Respond with love if your life is impacted by the lower energy of someone who is struggling. Take good care of yourself. Keep your energy high. Use protective exercises daily. Good self-care includes shielding yourself against the muck that darker energy creates.

Use the Law of Attraction to bring yourself love, understanding and supportive people. What you send out into the Universe is exactly what you get back!

You ARE God in human form. Jesus is your brother. Behave in a manner that is aligned with your grace. Do not put yourself or others down. This is beneath you. We will guide you as We always do. Our love for you is great and We respect you as Our equal.

Find the Higher Road and be steady there. You are capable of so many great and wondrous deeds.

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