Change is Good

Many of you have found some much-needed peace. This is good. Rest, adequate sleep and good nutrition are also recommended. Being grounded is perhaps the single best action to take in order to be in contact with God and your ever-present guides. Your connection to God and Mother Earth will make the best attempt for you to receive guidance. Being in this connected state will all but ensure your closeness to your chart. You may still lack sufficient guidance but your chances of great intuition is higher.

Prayer will also help. Make sure your guides know that you wish to be grounded, cleansed, clear and open to God. They will assist you to maintain these states because that is exactly why they are there with you to begin with. Use them. Allow them to function on your behalf. Release your resistance.

Our next step to your enlightenment is for you to allow change. Ascension is only possible if you allow change. If you were capable of ascending to Heaven you would already right? So it makes sense that some changes are needed in order to become more enlightened.

Change causes some resistance. Humans fear the unknown so you may haphazardly cling to your norm because you’re not comfortable with what else may be out there. You are not happy, you feel unfulfilled and your dreams are not met. What you have failed to realize is that there is no “unknown.” Your life is charted. You have written every word and planned each lesson. Your guides approved your chart and sent it up the chain of approval until God has acknowledged your chart as manageable and thought out.

Your Heavenly Hosts guide you against making your chart too difficult. In spirit you may be an over achiever. You may have set some monumental tasks for you to complete and harsh experiences to endure. You would have been advised against this. We would rather you succeed in fulfilling your chart than fail at too many goals resulting in sorrow and disillusionment. Too much stress may cause mental illness, substance abuse or perhaps suicide. These states of being may be uncharted. You are basically setting yourself up for failure by writing a difficult chart.

What you don’t realize in spirit is that you don’t have the all-knowing, blessed sentient state that you have while residing in Heaven. You come to Earth and again experience the darkness and negativity of this physical plane. As a newborn much of what you knew in spirit is still available to you but you obviously cannot act upon it. As you age, you lose your inner knowing and live in your own unascended state. In order to comprehend your purposely difficult chart you may rely upon being updated by downloads, spirit and evolved thinking. All this as a child, teenager, young adult… You may now see why this essentially dooms you to failure. Not many tweens meditate, pray and open to spirit.

The truth behind your inability to attain and maintain your chart is your resistance to change. Spirit is eternally beside you. God is always available to you through prayer. Angels, Archangels, Saints, animal guides…are in close contact with you. If you have not received any beneficial spiritual information it is not the fault of your guides. You are unavailable.

We are not assigning blame. This is what happens with every human who reincarnates. You lose much of the knowledge and intuition that you have already learned in previous lives and through learning in spirit on the Other Side. Our focus is to reconnect you with that knowledge and cause you to surge forward and realign with your chart. Once in proper alignment, you will again learn, experience and grow emotionally in accordance with God.

Many of you do not realize that what you have set for goals in life is usually not your actual faith-based goals. Finding your “soul mate” is not the end all. Ok, find your soul mate then…volunteer, raise money for charity, become foster parents, bring other people to God… Having financial wealth is also not the end all. Make a fortune then… Raise a family then… What you have established as your perfect state of being is usually only part of the picture. Try to think in terms of what God would have your life purpose be. Humans may wander so far away from the Divine that they believe they have the freedom to choose whatever goals they wish.

What does your family need? What does your community need? What does your country need? We are definitely not discussing politics. We are trying to refocus you on humanitarian needs. Each life has a purpose for God. You have known many differing types of existence here on Earth. You may be wealthy, poor, unhealthy, disabled, talented… Each of these realities exist then what is your work for God? You are wealthy and you are responsible for “this” for God. You are a talented musician and your are expected to perform “this” for God. You are a Master Gardener and you are capable of doing “this” for God.

There is always more. You are never done working for God. This may surprise you. You may be at the end stage of cancer and you are still learning and teaching for God. You may be incoherent with Alzheimer’s Disease and you are still teaching for God. You may be retired and living comfortably near the sea shore but there is still more to do. It is not a burden, ever. Working for God is fulfilling. Alignment with your Creator is bliss. The act of following your path defines a perfect existence because you have met many of your charted life goals. It is not “work” when you feel near to God and your guides. It is life! Life the way YOU intended it to be.

Come back to center. Be grounded and cleansed. Meditate and pray. Release your need to define your own life and naturally realign with your life chart. This is the true blueprint. If you feel life is a series of happenstance, then you are far from your path. This is ok. We are here to help you to come back “home.” Life has a synchronicity. You feel charmed and at peace even though everything isn’t going so smoothly. Why? Because it was your intention to experience, learn and grow emotionally. That is the way you charted it.

Faith is what ties all of your expectations and charted lessons together. You KNOW you have a higher purpose. You KNOW that you have further to go. You KNOW there are many more lessons to learn. You have a part to play in the chart of others just as they have a part to play in yours. This is all for a greater purpose. Imagine returning to the Other Side and reviewing what you have learned in this life. Is it about money, physical beauty, selfishness, greed, winning…? No. It is about how much you have done for others along the way as you overcame your limitations and managed your own goals.

Your mind must be open in order to receive your Divine direction. Change is necessary or you will not complete your chart. Keeping everything the same will not accomplish more. You’ve done the same thing over and over. It hasn’t worked yet. You must open and allow God. There is no fear or frustration when becoming ONE with your Creator. It is bliss. The steps are clearly visible and your ascension makes each day well worth it.

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