Barriers to Wellness

Many of you seem shocked that God may touch you so intimately that you experience a shift in consciousness. This is merely the tip of the ice burg. There are so many blessings that are possible to you once you have made the commitment to be “available.”

You may have noticed that religious leaders are serenely calm and flexible. They respond to stress with openness and compassion. They know how to be objective and see things from someone else’s perspective. They have simple yet calming solutions and always encourage you to learn and be humble as well. It is in this serene state that God guides you personally. Yes, your spirit guides, divine guides and angels pay close attention to you but God is also very capable of helping you along the way.

All of Heaven is at your bidding. You are the one that is blocking the sharing of Divine guidance. Some of you were so excited by the prospect of being elevated above your current state to be caressed by the Universe. Yet, these same people are the most weighed down by unnecessary blocks, barriers and baggage.

In order to touch the Realm of Heaven, you must be adept at meditation AND free from stagnant energy. There are many meditations and cleansing exercises on the internet, in books or offered in group settings. Please find one avenue that resonates with you and do the work. Resist reclaiming your darker energy that you have learned to release. Without this one step you will not find the upper realm accessible.

We have gone over meditation in the past. To receive some direct guidance We offer you a potential opportunity. Surround yourself in White Light. Ask for protection from God, angels, guides and loved ones. Rise above the earth into a higher elevation. Cut all cords and ties to earth. Focus on “floating.” You may feel tipsy. Please only try this exercise when you are safe and sound, not while operating heavy machinery. Stay above the earth plane and allow energy to flow to you and be absorbed. Remain in this state until you feel you have received all of the information that your guides and loved ones have sent to you. Return to an awakened state and sit quietly for a while. Make sure you are firmly attached to the ground before doing anything. You may feel unsteady and possibly fall or stumble. Remember to perform another protection exercise when you are done.

Some people remain in that high, floaty, surreal state. They may feel like they are at peace and absurdly relaxed. It may seem like a high. This is not recommended. In this state you will be late, miss deadlines, forget some responsibilities, lack supervision over your children, neglect relationships, quit your job… This would be detrimental to your earthly existence. You may feel that God will provide, but in truth, you still have to pay your bills, earn money and be responsible.

This is very refreshing. This is your opportunity to reach new heights. Continue to increase your meditative skills and get rid of all of your dark energy. Pray for help. Ask your guides and angels to flush your being clear. Fill back up with intense White Light.

This is but one step to more clearly find your path. Your availability to the energy of God will help you attain and maintain your path and make progress on your life chart. You may feel overwhelmed with information the first few times you reach this heightened state. It is true. It is also true that you will feel less overwhelmed if you connect with the higher realms more often. Think of it as updating your computer. The first time you do it takes longer, but once you do it regularly, the process is quicker.

The idea of walking directly upon your path is exciting. We will help you every step of the way. Our goal is to bring you closer to God and this series of posts will increase your direct connection to the Divine. Life is so much easier than what you have made it. We will offer guidance and create an alignment which will propel you forward. Communion with God is possible and very real.

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