Love is Already Here

Many of you are looking ahead for love like there are not many possibilities where you are currently in life. The Law of Attraction tells you that “waiting” for love will confirm that you are still “waiting,” even after a long time. It is much like waiting for a windfall of money, waiting to relax on a vacation, waiting for your health to improve, waiting to lose weight… Please get into the habit of believing you have all of your goals and wishes now. Your inner dialog has programmed the Universe to keep you “waiting.” This is far from perfect.

There is love all around you. Envision yourself encircled in love. Remember to include the top of your head, your back and the bottom of your feet. Proclaim, “I have love now! I have more than enough and I am full to overflowing with loving energy.” Keep this positive and motivational. It IS true. God created us to be flush in love. Despite any heartache, blockage or barrier, you are intended to find love again. Love for yourself, your life, your family, friends… As We have spoken before, none of your experiences are intended to undo you. You must accept what has happened, cope with it, accept it as part of who you are and find your love for yourself and your life again.

Love is universal. Your love for many things in your life will bring about the romantic love you desire. Love begets love. You have enough right now. No more waiting. No more short-term or long-term goals for love. You have all the love you need at this moment. Accept this as true and be open to all of the love that you may have forgotten about or missed along the way. It is recommended to send love to others. You may have strained relationships with family, friends or other individuals. Please send them love as well. Why? Because is doesn’t hurt and you receive what you send out. That is also the Law of Attraction. You send love to others and others will respond by sending love to you.

Having love sent to you throughout your day will improve your mood, promote healing, resolve some conflicts and bring brighter more loving people to you. Envision yourself wrapped in a cloak of love. Everything will get better, and fast. This will also help with romantic love. If a potential partner were to see you during your day, they would subconsciously recognize the love that you have been infused with. This will draw their attention to you. They will notice more things about you and your life because your presence causes them to feel better and more content. They will be “attracted” to you because they feel the positive, loving energy that you present to the world.

People who are smiling and bright draw more attention than someone who appears moody and sullen. Some advice that people give is to “change your mind.” In this instance this is good advice. You have all the love you will ever need right now. Believe it fully and embrace your reality. Be sure to flush any dark or negative energy from your entire being. Inside and out, top to bottom, front to back. Infuse yourself with pink or rose. Then make your “love” color brighter and more vivid. Increase the intensity until in your mind’s eye you are unable to look directly at yourself because your eyes would hurt. Fill your car, office, an elevator, coffee shop, college classroom, Dr.’s office…with this intense love that comes from you. Everyone will feel better and they won’t know why. More importantly, they will be drawn to you for love!

Using positive affirmations will help make this transformation. Repeat some positive statements to yourself. Make them REAL. Keep going and reaffirm these changes by recognizing the positive changes that come to you. This mindset will reinforce itself.

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