Hello All!

This is Lisa and I wish to remind everyone of my blog specifics. My content is channeled. I am a psychic medium and I receive this content from Higher Guides. The guides who speak through me change from time to time but this specific set have been with me for a while now.

I will notify you when the post comes from someone new or unfamiliar.

The information is not from me personally. I wish to have such insight and knowledge! There are times when the content is well above my head and I actually have to do some research on it prior to posting. This is positive since I am learning more by doing this.

I do provide services by email. I do readings, 10 Steps to Enlightenment readings, pet readings and Family Portraits (which is you surrounded by all of your departed family and guides that are currently with you). Everything is free. I do want you to be aware that ALL reading content does not come from me. I am merely the messenger. I don’t know you, have never seen you or will ever meet you in person. All information comes from guides or departed loved ones.

Reading content is blunt and direct. Spirit is very matter-of-fact. Stop drinking, stop cheating, lose weight, leave your abuser… The finer details of just exactly how to do these things is up to you. As with any direction, leaving an abusive situation may be dangerous. Just because spirit bluntly states that you must insist that you are not abused or disrespected, they do not know how taking these steps may be putting you at risk. Keep this in mind. Plan for your safety. Be cautious. Make good decisions.

It may be family members that are disrespecting you. This is also a sensitive situation. Your abuser may be your mother, father or sibling. Again, plan for all expected and unexpected reactions. Perhaps your boss is demeaning you or maybe a coworker. Please be careful what steps you take to follow the guidance of spirit. Remember that they are just giving you simple, direct advice. They do not know the potential consequences you may encounter. Take some time. Plan. Make some smaller changes first. Making large changes all at once is not recommended.

Many people become upset by the content of their reading. I find it common that people become angry with me. I have no information about you except from what I get from spirit. It is not me saying you are this and behave like that. Spirit gives this information. In most cases I am able to let you know who is speaking when you have received spirit guidance. An important fact about this is that your “grandmother” speaking may be from 3 generations back or a different lifetime. Do not become too hung up on knowing the exact speaker. They will give you specific information to let you know that they are with you now. They will comment on the color you just painted your kitchen, the flowers you have on your desk or their picture that is displayed in your home.

Again, I don’t have this information about you. I have no reason to mislead anyone or try to trick people. I have better things to do. If the information does not resonate with you, set it aside for now. What most often occurs is that you have limited insight into your current life and spirit’s direction hits a place that you are not open to. You may become defensive. I would encourage you to relax and test out the information and see if it is more accurate than you first thought.

I get an occasional reading myself and I have been very surprised and taken aback! I try my best to see it for what it is. Someone in spirit giving objective information. Personally, I would rather have the truth than be ignorant to my own dysfunction. facts I can deal with and make positive changes for myself. I hope you may also take this approach.

All of my content and services come from love. I found God a few years ago after my divorce. I found myself seeking solace from my departed grandmother. It was this journey that opened this door for me. My gift is a gift. I do not charge for readings and you may follow-up with any comments or questions that you have.

Love is by far the most requested information. Many people resist the notion that love at first sight is usually a sign to run the other way. They also resist that Mr./Ms. Wonderful does not arrive perfectly suited to you. Relationships are a process. Hope for an attraction, similar values and interests. Then let love grow. Your soul love may not actually look like a super model, sorry. Set more reasonable goals and keep an open mind. There are love lessons to be learned. If someone is PERFECT there will be no contrast to learn from. Embrace the process.

If you wish to request any service, my email is:


Remember, you will not hear what you want to hear. You will hear what Heaven has to say. Spirit is always eager to show you their love.

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  • chickendarlin  On July 22, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    I very much feel this statement is true, “They also resist that Mr./Ms. Wonderful does not arrive perfectly suited to you.”

    I always say that I told the good Lord when I was much younger what I wanted in a partner (looks, wealth, etc) and he just laughed and sent me my husband, who upon first look was nothing of what I had listed. Instead, he ended up being exactly what I needed.

    I applaud you for using your gift for free. I truly believe in gifts such as yours. Bless you. Continue posting because I enjoy finding my messages in yours.

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