Try Out Gold

The Golden Light has many messages. Adorn yourself with this color and be infused with these spiritual benefits.

  1. Honor yourself as you would honor your elders. Nothing tawdry or demeaning must touch your essence as you find peace instructing the world.
  2. Be a mirror of family values. Support and protect those who have had the good fortune to be related to you.
  3. Be a Light of inspiration when others seem to be seeking just such a Light.
  4. Offer comfort and kindness. People have many rough edges but they still deserve respect as any other human would.
  5. Give close loved ones a place to find comfort upon your shoulder. There are many hurdles that they may overcome with any amount of support from you.
  6. Offer love and kindness to strangers. Those of God’s cloth also walk the earth and you may not know when your faith and compassion will impact all of Creation.
  7. Validate the honor that it is to be you. Let no other make light of your honor and grace. Your own self-respect will teach others how to behold you.
  8. Love comes to you from many directions. Romantic love is but one avenue and does not create the sum total of your worth.
  9. Respect is more of a reality than you may expect. It lives, breathes and grows among brothers.
  10. Reflect honor and grace so that others may see a glimpse of their own true worth in your compassionate eyes.
  11. Build your temple to God with bricks of love and mortar of kindness. Others may walk upon your creation in order to find the heights of God that you have seen and they may have not.
  12. Talk of kinship together makes the trip upon many individual paths more tolerable. Each of you may take a turn to lead and many of you together will achieve greater lengths of travel.
  13. Time is a concept that is human alone. God has many wavelengths which bring value to each life in succession. No one person is truly far ahead of any other.
  14. The birth of babies creates another avenue through which you may reach the heights of Heaven. This dynamic shifts you to a higher aspect of your earthly existence.
  15. God will look at your life in proper perspective. He will view your progress as you and others see it but He will also view your progress through the eyes that only He has.
  16. Family planning is both positive and productive. Bring to the world only what you may manage, on your own, with no help.
  17. Confinement, whether self-imposed or thrust upon you, does not support spiritual growth. You must experience the world in order to reach the goals that you have set AND the goals of all Creation.
  18. Offer many avenues of love, support and comfort to those who have chosen to follow you. Being a leader is a great responsibility.
  19. Strive to be above any petty or childish ways. You may not see the immediate results but God will take all of your accumulated experience into account.
  20. Be the Gold that any one person seeks. Material objects do not expand the soul as much as the proper spiritual leader may.
  21. Honor the part of you that is God and make amends throughout your earth journey. This aspect of your healing never ends.
  22. Commune together to raise the vibrations of your world. Offer hope, love and healing.
  23. Being ONE with God and all Creation is your natural state of being. Anything less is not worthy of you.
  24. Offer your life in service to God. Your eternal strength will be added to the combined strength of all others on your plane. The world cannot resist responding to this wave of enlightenment.
  25. Be conspicuous in faith and inconspicuous in unlimited support for all others.
  26. Gathering all of your known and unknown beliefs will lay the foundation for others to follow.
  27. View all aspects of human success as an intertwined plateau for others to stand upon to reach up even higher.
  28. Vow to break all forms of judgment.
  29. Make your life a map of potential growth. Show others that despite setbacks, great spiritual healing and learning are possible.
  30. Be of the cloth that makes great haste in service of those in need.
  31. Offer extensive care for young people who have been overwhelmed by being a parent. Do not make their decisions for them but offer gentle guidance and reassurance.
  32. Love is the product of a life well lived, not the goal.
  33. Being an island does not make you a better human being. It just makes you lonely.
  34. Interfaith relationships are the avenue by which the best religious beliefs are discovered.
  35. Be wary of the vendor of magical wares. He/she is seeking to better their wallet, not your soul.
  36. Often we lack an understanding in how the world truly works because we accept that we are responsible for our own lives.
  37. Products made in sweat shops are soaked with desperate and unpleasant energy. Items made by hand, with love, promote your wellbeing and prosperity.
  38. Stop keeping time with the human clockwork. Respond instead with the belief of when and where things are done in concert with the Universe.
  39. Be cautious when giving someone the key to your heart. Be certain they love you as much as you love yourself.
  40. Cast aside any insecurity, for you are at the right point in your life, at the right time.

Many of you would like specific instructions in pursuit of your enlightenment. This is a solid list of steps to take. God has never intended for your life direction to be held secret to you. The only delay has been finding the proper avenue to give you this guidance. Being more open to spirit will lead to more evidence of your written path.

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