Protective Personal Hygiene

We are getting some relief from the pressure, finally. Many of you did not try the protective visualizations. It is Our thinking that you would probably benefit from protecting your energy in everyday life and not just when the Universe has decided to push down upon you.

1. Do you pick up on other people’s emotions? If someone in your environment is hostile, angry or depressed, these emotions may actually influence you and impact your behavior.

2. Is someone actually focusing negative energy toward you? This may be one individual or a group of people. Wouldn’t you like to block this type of barrage?

3. Does gossip impact others in your life but may actually be directed at you as well. The energy that you may have donated to may have shifted the overall energy to a negative environment for everyone.

4. Does an illness or injury seem to impact other’s in your environment and then come around to you in turn?

5. Is working or living in a hostile environment changing your life experiences?

6. Is there a close personal relationship that seems to impact you during the day or at other regular intervals?

7. Does “should” and “shouldn’t” have an impact upon your decisions?

8. Is an unhealthy relationship driving away any healthy ones?

9. Do you have outlets for your pent-up frustrations?

10. Is your list of negative behaviors worth the negative influence upon your own health, work, leisure or effective coping ability?

Your choice to ignore the protective visualizations may have a larger impact upon you than what you may realize. You survive any number of energy attacks during your day. These may occur in traffic, during work, at school, in yoga class… You never know when someone is irritated or displeased with you and how this energy may change your life experiences.

There is no specific time for people to be jealous or envious of you. This may happen at any time. It may even be people you would least expect. Learning to block an area of energy will increase your optimal functioning immensely. You may shy away from blocking anyone because you think it isn’t necessary or it may be impractical. But the truth may actually be that it is more necessary than you realize.

Is there a general feeling in your workplace that your supervisor is difficult, overly critical and intentionally displeased? Would placing a shield between you and this bundle of negative energy improve your overall feelings and improve your personal performance at work? Of course!

Does your mother-in-law dislike you? Would a shield between you and her also help you function better in your relationship and parenting? Yes!

Do you have a toxic friend that drains your positive energy and may leave you vulnerable to an emotional or physical illness? Or perhaps they give you the same “illness” that they are suffering from!

There is conflict in all areas of life. What is your gain to be vulnerable to all of it? Do you feel it is normal or perhaps necessary? It isn’t. Every incident of mishap or attack is not essential to your functioning. It is encouraged that you shield yourself from any unnecessary negative influence. You don’t need that flu that everyone is getting. You don’t need the stress of fearing that you will lose your job because someone in your workplace has been fired. You may resist all of the judgment that other people throw your way. These energies do not belong to you. It will improve your emotional wellbeing to surround yourself with positive, upbeat energy and personal acceptance.

Blocking yourself off completely is not necessary either. Just block the source of negative energy. Use a shield, door, net or any other visual device to block that one person. You may find it works better if you place your block so it is a semicircle facing them. You are not completely blocking all of their energy for their own life experiences but you are blocking their influence upon you.

Shields make more sense than you may realize. Being vulnerable to dark, angry and dysfunctional people is not “of God.” You will have a higher vibration and make more progress by not being vulnerable.

Imagine a dark being walking beside you throughout your day. They impact your own health and all of your relationships. Others in your life begin to treat you with disdain. You lose family and friends because of the negative feelings they have when you are around. Does this sound normal? Is this written in your chart? Would God have you be at risk to this type of being? No! So everyday negative energy is also not a part of the life you live for God. It is one lesson on a long list of lessons for you to learn to protect your personal energy and being. This one step may bring about more opportunities and positive experiences.

It is like living your life underwater. It makes more sense to block the restrictive energy, raise your vibration and function at a higher level. It is NOT normal to be buried under anything. Please accept this. Rise up. Float up and out of the pressure of water. Protect yourself in a bundle of God’s Love and complete more of your life lessons. Find your path more readily. Make better decisions. Start out by feeling better and functioning optimally.

Each day there are negative things that impact you. It is good to feel safe and secure. Envision a cocoon of golden light protecting you from anything that is not “of God.” Cut through all of the detours which block your growth. This is as God has intended. Being surrounded by the Love of your Father is as it has been intended. Remember to be grounded to God and Mother Earth while you excel in your protective space.

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