It’s Pressing

We are suffering from some cosmic pressure right now. It seems this will continue for 3-4 weeks. To best survive this high pressure situation We do have some advice. Keep your focus close to home. Make sure things are in order and you have some basic short and long-term goals. Now is not the time to start a new business, change any of your banking practices, buy a home or any other significant changes. Keep your life going day-to-day and resist making any big decisions until after the end of July.

You may spend some time making plans for the rest of your summer or deciding your focus for August or later. This is also a good time to resist any outbursts in your home, work or political arena. Stay mum until the pressure cooker has been relieved. If you do speak out now you might have some back peddling to do later.

This may also be a time when you feel some sinus pressure or more frequent headaches. Any symptoms of energy pressing down on you may occur. You might have an increase in arthritis pain, problems with eyesight, unusually sore back or shoulders, or even a restless nights sleep due to pressure driving you into your mattress.

This may be a great time to experiment with shields, domes, eggs or other types of protection. Remember when you set up one of these protective devices that you want God and other Heavenly Hosts to still be able to connect with you. For this purpose, the shields will be selectively permeable, not solid.

1. Say a prayer to acknowledge to the Universe your intent to block any bad or negative energy from reaching you. Also state your intent to welcome God, spirit guides and departed loved ones.

2 . Ask for any and all energy that comes to you must be from God and act in your best interest.

3. Bathe in white light and soak your entire being in it.

4. Envision your choice of protective device. See it covering over you and glistening with bright, white light. It may be a net of brilliant white. The permeable fabric allows the good energy through. It may be a dome, also with a permeable surface.

5. Notice the shift in how you feel with the protection in place and without it. You may feel lighter with more relaxed energy around you. Your thinking may clear up and you may have improved motivation.

6 . Now ask your guides to assist you to keep this protective vision in place. Make sure you give them permission to act on your behalf or else they will be unable to help.

7. Renew this exercise as often as necessary. You may also shield your home, car, work place and other location where you and your loved ones are.

8. Be sure to cleanse and clear your chakras. Be grounded and flush all non-productive energy out of your being.

9. Envision yourself with God’s Light overflowing your being. No one may drain you since God’s love is constant.

10. The cosmic pressure may be out of your control but this is a good time to practice your protection exercises. Notice the difference it may make and hopefully make a habit of shielding yourself and loved ones from destructive energy daily.

Do your best to resist the urge to be frustrated, impatient or irritable. It truly is the environment above you that is creating your impulsive attitude. Your coping skills may be low. The end of your day may seem more exhausted than usual. You may be more likely to become ill. Keep up your own energy and ask God for help. Acknowledge that this force is beyond your control but you are well prepared to keep your life moving forward.

Your loved ones, co-workers and community members may be frustrated as well. Be flexible and send them some much-needed light and love. This will make your life more pleasant as well.

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