Take Flight

What could be the meaning behind the phrase “take flight?” This sums up many of our suggestions to increase your spirituality and your availability for God to guide you.

1. Be receptive to the wind. It is the energy of the Divine that swirls around you.

2. Understand that this wind flows completely around you; front, back, over your head and under your feet. Many of you still only focus on your front or visible portion of your being.

3. The wind may be used to boost you up. Envision it under your arms and the bottom of your feet, raising you up. It is like an airplane uses lift to become airborne.

4. From this higher standpoint many more positive energies will be in contact with you. Remember that the earth is heavy with negative energy, so rising above it will increase your ability to accept God’s Light and energy.

5. To reach higher vibrations you must release all of your internal blocks and barriers. Only by letting go of your long-held pain and suffering will you soar to heights which will give you an unobstructed view of the plans of the Universe. Everything will come into focus and your life will make much more sense.

6. To climb to astonishing heights, you must also release the cords of attachment that you have to people, places and things. You will not lose anyone or anything. In fact, your knowledge and understanding of all of your relationships to all aspects of your life will come into focus. By letting go, you allow God to guide everyone and everything.

7. To remain airborne, clear out all of your expectations. Envision a golden circle flowing over and around you cutting all cords even from the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. Do not allow you to hide any ineffective attachments.

8. This may be the best time to commune with your higher self. Envision you, only glowing with eternal light. There are no lines on your face and your skin may seem porcelain. Your eyes are crystal clear, bright and vivid. Hold hands with this perfect part of you. Allow information to flow freely between you. Above all, allow your higher self to heal some of your longstanding concerns for you.

9. Envision a land of lush green grass and beautiful foliage. Allow yourself to set down upon this Heaven. There you may meet your guides. This may include your higher guide, your current earth guides and some ascended masters. This is your team of guidance. They are boldly lit, brilliant and aesthetically powerful. Be surrounded by them and be healed. Understand the next few steps upon your path and acknowledge your true purpose here on earth. This is both awe-inspiring and comforting.

10. Remain there until you feel completely at peace. Be mindful to remember much of what you have been told. Return to your earth life feeling refreshed. Never lose that feeling of being ONE with all of Heaven and earth. There is a synchronicity with this life that you have been allowed to experience. Your life is charted. You have goals to attain. You must come to God and bring many other people to Him as well.

To fly you must release your rocks and cords. Imagine spinning in the bliss of Heaven and being cocooned in the cords of your human fears! This is not the way. Let go. Allow yourself to rise, spin, swoop and climb ever higher without any of your human failings impeding your progress. Envision this connection to the energy of the Universe as often as needed. Your guides are never away from you. It is only you who binds yourself with walls why you cannot hear or feel them.

Be reminded that being above the dense, dark and negative earth’s atmosphere will encourage your spiritual growth. From above, you will grow closer to your higher self and visit Heaven. Renew and recharge. Allow God to float you upon the energy of His Creation. This is your natural state. To fuss and worry is truly a lack of faith.

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