More Chakra Work

Envision yourself sitting upon the lush, green grass in a peaceful meadow. Your base chakra connects to Mother Earth and you receive some much-needed soothing and support. This chakra is about your basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. It is also about your feelings of being safe and secure. If you have had some emotional problems in your past, this may influence the clarity and health of your connection to Mother.

Imagine flushing out all of the dark or muddy energy in your red chakra. Flush it until all of the energy runs clear. Envision the improved connection to the Earth and allow roots of your being to permeate the fertile ground. You may feel physically and emotionally stable. The attachment is firm and unmistakable.

Now move up to your orange chakra and attach it firmly to your red one. Flush out the dark or stagnant energy of this one as well. You may have had a longstanding break in your ability to be happy, creative and emotionally satisfied with your life. Maybe you are in a career that blocks your flow of self. Perhaps you are being belittled or abused. There may be any number of reasons why this second chakra needs to be repaired and returned to good health. Once it is completely clear and spinning blissfully, reaffirm the attachment to the base chakra and in turn to Mother.

As you may see, each chakra has a direct link to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Issues of abuse or neglect may permeate any of the chakras. Some damage may even be from past life issues as well. It does not matter when or where you received the damage, it only matters that you cleanse, clear and repair your chakras right now. It is never too late to begin again. That is truly why you are here visiting this site in the first place. You want to repair your own injured psyche and move forward to find your purpose for God. This is closer than you may think. Making this effort will go a long way toward your healing. Continued chakra health will also keep you fully aligned with God and Mother Earth.

There are no amount of lists that you may make that will heal you now. You don’t need to do a running count of wounds and injury. Wash that all away and connect all of your healthy chakras to each other in succession. Allow them to spin gracefully and remain firmly attached one to another. Your lower chakras will meet your upper chakras at the 4th or heart chakra. This is where your identity from above meets and blends with your earthly identity. Once you have all of your chakras cleared and connected, you may continue to realign them each day. Without constant attention, they will again fall into disrepair especially if you have not released your trauma or repaired your current life.

What some people may not realize is that chakras may also be out of alignment toward the left or right. Every chart you see has the chakras all lined up neatly from top to bottom. This is not the case especially if you have not tended to your chakra health at all. Stay vigilant. Remind yourself daily to maintain your spiritual health and pray.

Many people do not pray very often. This is also one of the most effective and simple steps that you may take to heal and be well both emotionally and spirituality. Please do not feel that your thoughts and feelings are not worthy of God’s attention. We all came here to learn and to grow and constant communication with God, spirit guides, angels, saints, departed loved ones… was expected and encouraged. You matter just as much as any other person. You have a direct communion with God simply through prayer. Being ONE with all source guarantees this.

Practice your chakra cleansing and attachment daily. Allow the Divine energy flow up from Mother Earth and back down from God.  Envision sitting upon fertile ground with Heaven above and allow the energy to flow through you. Always remember that healing must not just wash over you. This Light must soak, rinse and flow throughout your being. And be certain to remember behind you! Envision your brilliantly clear chakra energy all around and through you.

There are many exercises in books and on the internet. Find one which resonates with you and keep using it. Kundalini energy also arises from the base of your spine or your sexual essence. This will also benefit your overall health and wellbeing. You are not alone and you were never intended to live your life without guidance. The spiritual energy that you have just begun to tap into is only a small part of your true self. Resist the feelings that you are an island in an imperfect, dismal world. This is so far from true. Accept your divinity. Embrace your eternal life and use all of the energy of the Universe to GUIDE you.

We have made a commitment to you. We hold you in great regard and We wish nothing more than to help you along your way. The closer you come to your higher self, the more We embrace you and bring you closer to home. Stay on course. Allow yourself to move and think more freely. Remember your chart and always count upon Us to walk beside you. Each injury does not need to brought into the Light. It is truly enough to cleanse and clear yourself and release what is not “of God.” Please resist your need to say, “but…” ” I can’t…” or ” it still hurts so much.” God is letting you know that it is ok to let go, let God and forgive.

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