Building Your Own Spiritually Healthy World


This is a special message from spirit. This is a blueprint for you to become spiritually healthy and to develop your own non-dysfunctional family system. The plan begins in the center and moves outward. There are 45 steps referred to. #5 refers to Mother God. Many of you may not be familiar with this concept. It includes the female energy of God which is commonly called Azna. Please do not be put off by this reference. Your steadfast religious beliefs may need a gentle nudge but We do not expect to lose your attention by introducing this concept. If it does not resonate with you, set it aside and We may approach it again at a later time. We certainly will not force it on you.

1. You.

2. You, your spouse and children.

3. You and your faith.

4. God

5. Mother God

6. Jesus

7. The Miracle of Life: babies

8. Mother Earth

9. The physical earth: home for you, your spouse and your babies

10. The Trilogy

11. Study the word of God

12. Healing hands

13. Core family- mother, father and children

14. Core and extended family and community to raise a child

15. Church, clubs, sports: supportive environments for children

16. Resistance to delays

17. the earth environment from the atmosphere, the sky, land and water

18. Worship to include family, friends and assimilation into society

19. Singular identity: autonomy

20. Self-love, romantic love

21. Grow into a mature couple

22. FAMILY; couple with child

23. Stable environment to raise a child

24. Venture out into the community as a family

25. Groups, clubs, sports as a family

26. Community members, role models

27. Aging as a family and bringing new members

28. Staunch support of each other

29. Cohesive unit promoting growth and success

30. Prospering together with strength

31. Success in work and business, college degrees

32. 3 generations of healthy family

33. Stable, supportive and productive in the economy

34. Active in church

35. Church and community leaders

36. Stability to withstand war, economic strife and economic failure

37. An island of stability and good health

38. 4 generations and more

39. People as spiritual infrastructure

40. Relying upon interpersonal faith

41. Political leader/church leader/community leader/family leader

42. Wide reaching strength and support

43. Raise up people of the world

44. Spread financial success and physical wellbeing into the world

45. Introducing God to all others through emissaries and the written word

(This is the rough draft. This has been given to me by a different spiritual source. The content and the phrasing are very different but I still trust what I have been given. I would encourage you to review this and see if you are able to expand upon some of the points without further clarification. This will be a good way for you to tap into your connection to the guides that we both have been following for some time. I will expand upon these points at a later date and you will be able to compare your interpretation with the explanations added later on. Good luck and enjoy!


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