10 Things Spirit Says

1. Directions from spirit may sound harsh and misleading. What most often happens is that the person receiving the reading is not open to certain types of information. Basically, you go to get a reading but you want to hear only what you want to hear. Any perceived criticism is not welcome. You become defensive and offer vehement denials. But who are you arguing with?

The psychic/medium does not know you personally. The information that they provide is from your own guides or loved ones. The reader has no reason to hurt your feelings or create emotional turmoil. If possible, resist your tendency to focus on the reader and simply look at the information that was provided by spirit. Some of it does hurt. Some of it sounds misplaced. We assure you that the biggest lessons are the ones that initially hurt the most and We hope you are able to get beyond that thump you feel in your solar plexus and decide to make changes to what is actually wrong. Often, it is not everybody else and that realization may be painful.

2. Spirit is able to see beyond the public personality that you offer to everyone. If you have spent a lot of time building walls to defend your ego, some spirit information will feel like an attack. Remember that ego is false and misleading. To heal and recover from any turmoil or trauma, you must deal with how you really think and feel. Letting go of your defense mechanisms is hard but allowing thoughts and feelings of peace and optimal health are rewarding in and of themselves. Please do not be vulnerable to the world. Defense mechanisms are in place to protect some very emotional feelings. Simply release your resistance during prayer and meditation. Take steps to become your genuine self and resist the pull of ego. Be mindful to do this every day.

3. A bad marriage is just that. It is NOT optimal for parents to remain together for their children. One parent must release the need to combat the other and instead focus upon the children. All of this turmoil are lessons. You truly are able to lose the battle and end the war because you understand that damaging your children is not being a good parent. The experience of battle is to teach you to instead function from honesty and grace. Allow yourself to walk away as the loser and acknowledge that the lessons were learned. Begin to become emotionally healthy and learn some good parenting skills. It is hard and it takes time. Depending upon their age, your children may have already learned to battle and belittle people who they are in conflict with. Just keep going. Model good behavior and more positive coping strategies. Include your children in your healing and resist your past tendency of wanting others to pay for upsetting you or hurting your feelings. Bring God and faith into all of your lives and continue to raise yourself and your children up.

4. You are not an island. Your behavior effects and influences others. Be conscious of what your behavior is showing the world about who you are. Be good and do good. Many people want to know how to make their lives better and it is that simple. You must have found God because you are on a site where “God” is in the title. This is a good first step. Now, find other resources and teaching tools that resonate with who you are. Organized religion may or may not fit. You may fall nicely into a certain religion or you may find good facets of a few different ones. This is all ok as long as you are functioning in the Light and not beings of darkness.

5. Stop complaining and gossiping. These are negative behaviors which will dim your eternal Light. Healthy colors of your emotions, physical body and chakras are bright, crystal clear and fluid. These negative activities cloud and shadow all of this and will spread your muddy energy around your environment. Harboring and promoting darkness will also lead to illness, accidents, mistakes, negative results and draw darker energy to you. The difference in your overall energy should be obvious. Be nice, positive, supportive, proactive and loving and good things and events will come to you quickly. Return to promoting social turmoil will shift the Universe to send you more darkness and chaos again. This is the Law of Attraction.

6. Be active and improve your nutrition. Good food and drinks bring better energy and ambition to you both emotionally and physically. Your body makes energy from what you take in. There is little chance for positive and proactive behavior if your diet is full of sugar and unnatural substances. Moderation is always a good response to many questions. Make smaller changes and try your best to maintain them before making more changes. Overwhelming yourself with radical changes will doom you to fail and is not recommended.

7. Cleanse , clear, ground and meditate daily. Cleansing and clearing refer to your energy body, physical body and chakras. Flush all dark, muddy or cloudy energy from your being. Replace it with only bright and beautiful colors. It is far easier to start with the chakra colors. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Choose any color and saturate yourself inside and out. You may be led to a specific color and that is good because you would be responding to spirit and your intuition.

Grounding is connecting yourself to Mother Earth and God. There are a variety of exercise to perform this but perhaps the easiest would be using your visualization skills. Imagine a green cord connected from your tailbone to the center of the earth and a white cord from the top of your head to God in Heaven. Feel snug and secure. Renew this vision as often as necessary to feel firmly connected to “Mother” and “Father.”

Meditation is essential to strengthen your connection to God and spirit. Be mindful to follow any exercise which includes steps related to protection from negative or dark energy. Done properly, you will be able to sense more about life, relationships, actions and experiences. It will be like someone opened a door to your inner “knowing.” You may travel quickly down this path or you may be more hesitant. Either way, you will notice changes to your health and wellbeing. Now it will be optimal for you to release any negative behavior that has become a habit. Only allow love and acceptance to influence your relationship with others. If you begin to feel negative about any person or situation, send bright, White Light instead of judgment.

8. Always view your cup as overflowing. No one may drain you of positive and loving energy unless you allow them to. Please don’t give up that easily. Envision yourself as a cup of Light. Choosing white is good but there is also gold, silver or any chakra color. See that clear fluid color overflowing the boundaries of your physical being. Keep it flowing and also say a prayer and ask for Divine assistance to keep this energy flowing as well. Resist any urge to be run down or exhausted. Always fill back up and send them some positive Light as well. There may come a time when you will be advised to limit your contact with anyone who repeatedly drains you, but for now this will work well.

9. You are God. You were created in the image of God. You have a spark of God in your God center which is in your solar plexus. You have the option to embrace your Oneness with the Universe or cover it over and try to snuff it out. You may have spent some part of your life ignoring your Divinity but now you are seeking to be One with your Creator. This connection is already complete. You must “allow” Him to be a part of your life. Your goal here on earth is to “be God, for God.” The vastness of this duty is stunning and beautiful. Measure your behavior against what you imagine God’s love for you to be. He is positive, loving, forgiving, supportive, a leader, a healer… Be God in human form. Contemplate this and begin making changes.

10. Stop believing that your are damned. You are far too hard on yourself. There is always love and forgiveness. You have until your last breath to find God but We hope that you come to Him much sooner. This life is a teaching tool. For you and others to come to God and behave in His manner would benefit your world. The depth of darkness will be relieved and more love and Light will blanket your earth. The energy of your love will help to raise you up but also raise up everyone in your environment as well. By putting out more love than you have need for, the world will evolve in response. The love you have for yourself, your family and loved ones will overflow the world with its beauty. Be that beacon. Be the One who fills themselves to overflowing because that is just how much you LOVE.

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