What The World Has To Tell You

Be Light. Be of the Light. Be the Light in the world of others.

Be the bright and happy spot in the lives of others. Be the one who supports them and resists the need to criticize and complain. The darkness that your negativity brings will negate all of the good and wondrous things that you intended to achieve.

How many do you know? How many people have made you feel worse instead of better? How many times have you walked in their metaphorical shoes?

Did the love in your words filter through? Did you validate them for who they are as precious children of God?

Do you know that by healing yourself first, you will be better able to help others?

Do you spend any time looking for the path that is set out before you? Does each day start with a prayer and thoughts of hope? Are you able to spread joy to others in your circle?

So much of your day is spent on selfish thoughts and actions. We bide our time and stock our own pantry. We wait for moments to optimize our experience and cast aside any concern for the welfare of others. We spend far too much time looking inward. The joy and love others express are lost upon us because we are self-absorbed and an island in a sea of many.

Life is better lived with the input and expression of God. Our cup must be filled to overflowing so that we may support and uphold all others. You resist any fatigue or moroseness by looking outward and finding places and moments where you may make something better.

Your life is not lived in a vacuum. You have been lulled by time and experience to count your own bits of gold and fiercely guard your treasure chest. You have been lost to the truth that your blessings will be increased one hundred-fold by serving others.

By giving some of what you have away actually creates more room for you to have more. We don’t trust this. We keep score and haggle about cost. We measure ourselves against the success of others. What we assume is true bounty is rarely what God would value most.

The mirrors of our homes do not display our true worth. Anything superficial is not really of any value. Our heart, mind and soul is all that we have to give when called into service of God. Daily mindfulness brings more clarity to your true path. Each day is best spent trying to find qualities and treasures that God would wish for you.

Chasing gold and jewels does not fill your heart. You realize the emptiness that exists within you once you meet all of your goals and complete every checklist. That emptiness is where you will eventually look for God. If not, you will gather sadness and despair since you spent so much time chasing a dream that really meant nothing.

Competing with family, friends and co-workers will not fulfill you. There is no rule to measure them by that will be accurate. Others will show you what they want you to see and hear. You will still have no real idea what “success” they have since everyone is busy posturing for others. The only way to release yourself from this conflict is to become selfless and full of faith.

By releasing the expectations of materialism you will grow closer to true success and joy. It is ok to be you. There are no rules outside of yourself that will make you any happier. Fill yourself up with joy, love, happiness and faith. Look out every window and find a chance for purpose. See each soul as your kin and in need of the Light.

Resist dogma in any form. Religious dogma is still dogma and will not bring you the fulfillment you are seeking. Find instead that love is fluid and may be spread out and brightened. Find faith is also a warm blanket which is wrapped around you and may be shared with others. Find that joy grows and may become brighter. Find also that forgiveness is good both for you and for others.

Stress does not breed love. Worry is not faith in God. Competition is not “of God.” Use instead the warmth and contentment of relaxing and loving actions. Flow and be at peace. Embrace and support one another. Hold up your loved ones and the youth of your kind. Have faith and move selflessly throughout your life. Give love.

Your self will is constantly pulling you toward your ego-expectations and materialism. If left unchecked you will continue to struggle, stress and challenge. You will tirelessly seek the gold and jewels of nothingness. Each day must be lived in the pursuit of peace. You will find God if you look for him each day and be grounded to His love. Your own spiritualism must be nurtured and tended to.

Reconnect when you feel distracted or useless. Fill back up with the energy of love. Envision your cup as overflowing and again look outside of yourself for those who need you the most.

The gold of God’s Light is the only gold you need. The bright, white Light of Heaven is the most perfect gem to wear. The deepest rose is the truest love to be adorned within. The emerald light of healing is perfection. The bluest sapphire light brings out your creativity and expression. And above all, the crystalline colors of your chakras bring about the health and wellbeing you deserve.

Know now that money is a means to an end. Wealth is something to possess in order to work for God. Your day job funds your quest for fulfillment. Your true joy is finding yourself, despite all of the distractions.

Faith is a natural state but it does take commitment and intent. Daily prayer and meditation will help keep you fully involved in the work of God, both in your life and the lives of others. Each person must press to succeed. Anyone may become complacent and lose their direction. Always remember that you may learn something new each and every day. To lose sight of this ability may cause you to lose your communion with God and Heaven. Never believe that you know everything. May your heart, mind and soul be always open to the ongoing teachings of God.

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