What does it mean to forgive others as you would have others forgive you?

We speak often about forgiveness. This is essential for soul growth. You must wrap your mind around releasing others from the negative impact that they have upon your life. We are steadily learning that their influence upon you has actually been a part of your learning process. To hold animosity against someone because they have harmed you brings darkness to your soul. There is no need for retribution or keeping score. They have taught you exactly what you asked them to teach you!

Forgiveness is something that happens when you realize that your life has been orchestrated for your optimal learning. Always be thankful for the lesson. During prayer or meditation, be certain that God understands your gratitude. This is how your life was intended to be. You either learn your lessons quickly or slowly. If you have made the most of your experiences your life will flow quickly and holding a grudge is not recommended. If you learn more slowly, the same lessons must be taught to you multiple times until you learn it or block out any benefit you may have planned.

Be mindful that you have been enlisted to teach others lessons as well. In retrospect you may now realize what your behavior has taught others in your life. Are you a bad person for causing another person some emotional pain or a difficult lesson? No! Just as the other people who have shaped your life are not bad people either. Immaturity accounts for many difficult interactions. Now that you have aged and your loved ones also have more experience, the subject of life lessons may be more positive and productive. You need not go backward and explain every detail of what others have taught you, it is enough for you to know this for yourself. Now that you understand their purpose in your life…forgive.

They have taught you by contrast. Their emotions and actions impacted your life and the direction in which you were going. Please do not be naïve. Forgiving someone does not mean that they are allowed to reenter your life and cause further damage. It merely means that you have acknowledged the lessons that you learned through contact with them. Simple.

There are bad people in the world. They carry darkness and disregard for others deep within their soul. The truest blessing will probably be that you realize what evil looks, sounds and acts like and you may readily avoid these dark souls in the future. All humans must learn to avoid the darkness of evil. Some may have a slight brush and learn very quickly what to avoid. Others may need an in-depth interaction with darkness in order to learn the same lesson. Your experience with darkness may be influenced by anger, violence, substance abuse, crime, impulsiveness, greed, hate…

Your own heart may carry too many detrimental qualities to avoid darkness. In childhood and youth, many people react with anger and rage to the dysfunction that they live within. It may take many years for them to learn to speak rather than react. Maturity takes a huge weight off of the shoulders of people who find rage and darkness as their only means of coping. This change may not actually occur in one’s human life. They may continue into the afterlife and wreak havoc on strangers and loved ones from there as well.

We are asking you to forgive but not forget your lessons. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to those who have damaged your life in some manner. Or, approach someone after they have allowed time and grace to positively influence their lives. Even parents and siblings may have had a detrimental impact on your life. We would never ask you to remain beside them and subject yourself to abuse. Our perspective is for you to mature and evolve into an emotionally stable person, then choose how much contact you will have with your lower vibration family members or other loved ones. Sometimes you may not be able to have any relationship with certain people and that is ok too. As long as you have gathered enough wisdom, maturity and faith to know that they will not add any positive benefit to your life.

We had released a post much earlier on this site about your life being a garden. This continues to be true. Include plants and flowers that are positive and loving. Weed out any growth that brings decay or other forms of darkness around it. Look at your garden every day. Be sure that it is positive and Light. Does it represent who you want to be? If not, make some changes. There is no room for dark and oily substances. No matter the origin, this illness must be removed. The more you review your life you may actually discover where the sludge comes from and this may actually surprise you. Some of your dearest loved ones may have brought you conflict and turmoil without realizing it. This is often the case with loved ones. They may have a hard time accepting changes that have been made to society and mistakenly judge you. Love does not mean that they will not hurt you, but it may make it easier to heal from.

Forgive others as you would have others forgive you. You have been a teacher for many people in your life. The lessons you have taught may have been negative or out of darkness while you were young. Now that you seek spirituality, your lessons for others will hopefully be more positive and loving. True faith brings God and love into every interaction. This is who you intended to be and We will stand beside you as you find this blissful state of being.

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