Be Good To Yourself

God has given you universal permission to release your unneeded residual pain. He has allowed you to have insider information that your experience was the intended goal and NOT continued suffering. You have contracted with all of your loved ones in order to experience and grow from selected circumstances. The lesson is the only goal. You are encouraged to release of any misunderstanding that you must keep your pain in order to comply with your chart.

The optimal experience is for you to learn, grow emotionally, mature, assimilate your lessons and then move on. Forgiveness is intrinsic to this process because you asked for this experience and others in your life complied with your request.

Why do you keep reliving some cycles with certain people? Because you haven’t learned yet. The same people will victimize and hurt you until you realize that YOU must alter your own portion of the learning process. A successful teaching moment is when you accept the experience, learn the intended lessons and make alterations to your own life to avoid suffering from this same experience again. If you repeatedly approach the same people in the same circumstances then YOU are the one who has not learned. They are merely teaching you the same lesson again.

What if this person is a close family member? Then you must approach them and refuse to be harmed in the same manner again. This is not done through a verbal confrontation. You refuse within your mind and either release their control over you or somehow realize that they are impaired or limited and unable to alter their own behavior. Many times, your “teachers” do not realize the turmoil they are inflicting upon you. They tend to be subjective in their views and will resist considering someone elses perspective.

You are responsible for your own learning. It is not your place to insist that others learn their own lessons. Loved ones may teach you through their own limitations in coping, illness, poverty, anger, selfishness… You may rarely be on the same path or posses the same values and spiritual beliefs. This is why it is important to find people of like-mind. If you insist upon making your family and close friends your only support, you may languish in your spiritual development.

Yes! We sense that some of your closed doors are opening. It is good to let go. The more relaxed and at ease you are with your life lessons, the more quickly you make progress on your chart. All experiences flow to you and life will feel charmed. When it starts feeling like a struggle, this means you have again gripped too tightly to your lower emotions and you hold pain and damage from your lessons.

It is Our hope that these bits of information that We provide to you will eventually add up to great spiritual growth and ascension. Information is intended to “flow” from the Divine to you and back again. If something feels like a struggle, steps were missed or perhaps some backward movement occurred. This is all ok. We have never insisted that you learn “or else.” This phrase is not in Our vocabulary. We have nothing but love and support for you.

Other people may notice your shift in consciousness. You may seem more loving and tolerant of the behavior of others. They may wonder why you are no longer frustrated or angry. This is good. This means that you have made some progress in your emotional growth to a point where it is noticeable. Be proud of your success and give them any explanation that resonates with you at the time. You may become a role model of emotional balance and flexibility. Many spiritual leaders have these same qualities. Remember that if one preaches patience and understanding, their behavior must also reflect this same stability. If you find a spiritual leader who pushes for judgment and confrontation, they have lost their way. Do your best to resist their rhetoric and find someone who both speaks and demonstrates the loving patience of God.

Yes, there are times when you must speak out and be heard. This may be done by peaceful means. You will get more positive attention with your display of respect while making good talking points and increasing the knowledge of others. Aggression is not “of God.” Dogma is also lost to the openness of Our Father.

Love and support is a gentle conversation. This “respect” accepts you as exactly where you are upon your path. Judgement is human. The dictatorial God who judges and condemns is NOT real. Stories and publications have lost their way and have fallen prey to self-serving editors if they espouse a God of damnation. We do not offer advice to damage the books of others. There is a need for these journals for some people. This is a path that does lead to the Kingdom of God. If you wish to be accepted for the knowledge and direction that you are gaining, then you must also allow others the direction that they have chosen to find God.

We sense your increasing comfort and joy. It is our duty to bring you all of the wisdom that We may provide so that this life is not lived in vain. As you find comfort with Our teachings you will also notice that you have fallen into step with the energy of the Universe. Your footfalls will mark your progress. Your speeches will hail your faith. Your joy and contentment will signal to others the maturity that you have found in your soul. This is our goal. This is our mantle. We will not leave your side, for you are a Light Bearer and We have the honor of teaching you.

Do not be surprised. You know in your heart that you were destined for this. Embrace your family and loved ones. Pass no judgement. Acknowledge the gifts they have given to you, for they are your greatest teachers.

You are the One you have been waiting for. Welcome home.

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