The Badge of Heartache

There is no purpose for you to wear your childhood trauma like a badge. This does not benefit you or anyone else. You make much better spiritual progress by assimilating your pain into who you are and making efforts to stop other children from being hurt in the same or similar manner as yourself. This is God’s Will.

What are your reasons for keeping your pain? Are you proud of your scars and you want someone to account for what was done to you? This will scarcely happen. Parents or other elders will seldom account for their own misdeeds. They have limited insight and feel that acknowledging any wrongdoing will make them appear weak or flawed. Many adults will offer blame for everyone else but themselves. Imagine confronting the person who harmed you and they either don’t remember what had happened or they are incredulous about your pain. It is very possible for you to feel victimized again. Your desire for someone outside of yourself to heal you will fail. Resist the urge to pursue this avenue. No one else knows how deeply you need to be understood and authenticated.

We have discussed the Inner Child in past posts. This is an exercise that allows you to return to an earlier time and offer positive and supportive parenting to yourself. You select any or all traumatic times and isolate your Inner Child in order to confirm how you felt and to offer much-needed comfort and support. You embrace and nurture yourself at these painful times and help yourself to heal both as the responsible adult that you are now and the child that was originally injured.

This takes time. You must really identify with that child and truly offer and accept the care and nurturing that you have in your heart now. If you skim over your painful memories, you will not benefit from this exercise.

This is positive for you if done correctly because you know exactly what you want and need to hear as that child. You know yourself well and healing your Inner Child should feel natural.

This exercise starts by finding a safe place to keep your child that is within yourself and is fiercely protected. Your solar plexus or God Center is the most positive place. To keep your injured child in your heart, head, chest or any other physical location may lead to some unintended injury to that area. The God Center is secure enough to keep your organs and bodily functions safe.

Heal your child as often as you wish. Speak to your soul as both the responsible adult you are and the nurtured child you are healing, then place him/her back in your God Center for the next time you plan another healing exercise. Throughout this process your Inner Child will age. You have accepted the responsibility to raise this child as only you know how and to gather the rewards of becoming spiritually and emotionally healthy. Don’t be afraid to go back in time if you have forgotten any significant trauma. You have nothing but time to heal yourself effectively.

The important thing to remember is to release any pain, turmoil or residual trauma after you have addressed it. Many people make the mistake of replacing any and all injury back together and then seal it back up where they originally unearthed it from. This does no good. You have to understand that releasing your lesser thinking is necessary for true maturity. Let it go. Harboring this dark energy will only lead to complications regarding your emotional or physical health. Do you really want this badge of pain between you and God?

The previous post brought up a lot of emotional pain. Do not pack it back up and keep it. Let it go and replace it with self-love and self-healing. It is Our perspective that each experience is intended to teach you and that you have contracted this growth with others in your life. It is a play that YOU have written. Others are abiding by their roles and all players are expecting to grow together. You teach each other by positive or negative interaction. Set it all aside as just that. Learning and teaching to grow closer to God.

If Our discussions have brought up enough unsettling emotions, it is possible to seek counseling from a trained professional. This will offer you someone who will acknowledge and accept all of your pain and turmoil. Your injury will not be lost to their sensitivities.

It is God’s Will that the people who harmed you the most are your greatest teachers.

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